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YOURSAY ‘Nixon got impeached for lying through his teeth and was disgraced.’


Ku Li: Najib may be cited for contempt proceedings

FairMind: A credible and dignified prime minister would be very careful not to lie. A man of integrity would always tell the truth.


An honourable man would humble himself if he has erred, and apologise without being forced to do so. Does Najib Abdul Razak have all those qualities mentioned?


Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo was suspended from Parliament for 12 months for disparaging remarks against the deputy speaker.


Here, we have Najib blatantly lying in Parliament, not once, but several times about 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), affecting billions of ringgit, and no action is being taken.


Is this what House speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia meant when he talked about Parliament being seen as practising double standards?


Pandikar, now it is your chance to put words into deeds.


Lim Chong Leong: That is why Pandikar threatened to resign, but did not. They were wheeling and dealing on how Pandikar can protect him (Najib) in Parliament. You help me, I help you.


Victor Johan: In March, the finance minister replied to questions in the Parliament. He did not correct his initial reply.


In May, the finance minister was asked to state facts again to another related question during the parliamentary session, and only now in reply did the finance minister supposedly correct that answer.


Thus, if he was not asked again in May, the finance minister was actually intending to deceive the Parliament and the rakyat with his earlier March reply.


The finance minister should now be cited for contempt. The prime minister, being head of the executive, should condemn the finance minister and the Finance Ministry.


But wait, they're the same person! So how?


Doc: I would like to quote former United States president Richard Nixon in his interview with journalist David Frost.


Below is what Nixon said during that memorable interview way back in the 70s, after the Watergate scandal: "When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal."

I think Najib is thinking along the same lines when it comes to the 1MDB debacle. The only thing is, Nixon got impeached for lying through his teeth and was disgraced.


With the mounting political pressure on him, I think Najib may share the same fate as Nixon.


Kit P: Either Najib lied, or somebody lied to him, or somebody lied to the person who passed the information to him.


In any case, a serious attempt to mislead Parliament has occurred. Najib has to come clean on this; otherwise, the assumption is that he is the liar.


Clearwater: If Najib was not lying, he must have been misled by incompetents. In any event, it is inexcusable and the guilty party must pay the price of incompetence.


1MDB is a highly contentious issue clouded by opaque answers and now further made more controversial by wrong information given to Parliament. No one believes there is no hanky-panky involved.


RakyatBiasa: Najib not only misled the House, he misled the entire nation into believing that 1MDB was a profitable investment from day one, and still continues to mislead the nation on this matter with his lies, deceit and manipulation.



Ignorance no excuse for 1MDB, Ku Li tells cabinet

JD Lovrenciear: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, start a nationwide movement for a clean government now and you will have at least 70 percent of the people behind you.


Will you lead? It is now or never. We have talked, talked and talked. If you and Anwar Ibrahim join hands, we can jump start this sinking nation. Please do it for the love of Malaysia.


Wsoi: Changing the leadership or sacking whoever is in charge is not going to get the country back on track. It only stops it from going worse. Where is the check-and-balance?


If former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad can say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely, then he must come out with a check-and-balance system to ensure abuse of power is stopped or minimised.


Many multinational companies (MNCs) decentralise their decision-making process from that of the CEO alone to a team, with many stakeholders involved.


A professional approach may not necessary be the best, but it can surely minimise abuse of power.


Apa Ini?: So far nobody in cabinet seems to have the vaguest idea of what 1MDB is about and they are mostly busy positioning themselves for the nearest exit.


Collective responsibility? You gotta be joking, Ku Li.

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