Tongues wag over Hisham's three conditions
Published:  Jun 2, 2015 8:55 AM
Updated: 9:42 AM

The last cabinet meeting has raised the speculation bar another notch when it was revealed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak told dissenting ministers on the 1MDB issue to resign.

Since then the spotlight fell on Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Rural and Regional Development Minister Shafie Apdal.

The pair have openly aired their grouses over the debt-laden firm, which is turning out to be the Achilles Heel for the current administration.

Muhyiddin was not present at the cabinet meeting as he was on leave. He is slated to return from an overseas trip tonight, and there is talk of a big reception .

It was confirmed that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was also absent.

Najib's cousin Hishammuddin Hussein tweeted his response to Najib's ultimatum, stating that he agreed with it, but with three conditions:

1) Rationalisation of 1MDB,

2) Accountability if there is wrongdoing, and

3) Transparency on (conditions 1 and 2)

RPK says Hisham may resign

A pro-Umno blog, which has been supportive of Najib in his ongoing feud with Dr Mahathir Mohamad, took a swipe at Hishammuddin over this.

In an article titled " Apa lagi Hisham mahu? (What more does Hisham want)", said the prime minister's ultimatum was straightforward.

The writer said Hishammuddin's conditions gave the impression that the government has not been transparent and accountable in the 1MDB issue.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Today claimed that Hishammuddin might resign within the next 48 hours.

"If the prime minister cannot fulfil these three conditions, this would mean Hishammuddin would not be able to support him," claimed its webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Should he throw in the towel, the article added, Shafie would be forced to do the same.

Hisham seems happy

To those who stretch the limits of drawing inference, then a deduction can be drawn from the latest image uploaded by Hishammuddin on his Twitter profile.

Dressed in army fatigues, Hishammuddin is shown saluting as he is driven past a column of armoured vehicles.

But as far as his Twitter postings are concerned, there is no indication of a feud in the making.

His last post, which saw him tagging the prime minister, read: "Have a great day :)".

In another tweet today, he posted a photograph of his grandson, with the caption: "Another long day today - have not seen this young man in weeks... been too busy :("

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