YOURSAY ‘The more they try to spin it, the more ridiculous Najib appears.’


'PM's aide sabotaged Najib-Dr M dialogue'

Odin Tajué: Two points, Khairul Anwar Rahmat (chairperson of Malaysian Volunteer Lawyers Association, Sukaguam).


One, you said former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not invited , that he was only supposed to be present as a guest and not as a speaker. How is it that he was supposed to be present and yet he was not invited to the event?


If he was supposed to be present, then his attendance was desired. If his attendance was desired, he must have been invited - if not by means of a printed invitation card, then orally.


Two, we out here all can tell that PM Najib Razak did not dare go to the forum for the simple reason that he heard Mahathir was there. The PM said he would go but only in a calm, tranquil manner.


Then why has he not dared to go into a debate with Mahathir on TV? You can't find a more calm, nice environment than such as in a TV studio.


We out here can tell that 1) he is just a plain coward; and 2) he has a lot to hide, and that is the reason he dares not face someone who would pose probing questions.


He has the guts only to answer his own questions posted on his blog.


Abasir: So Khairul, let me get this straight.


You are actually saying that the lance corporal IGP (inspector-general of police) is a blithering idiot who exaggerated the situation, did not communicate directly with his everything-to-hide boss but spoke with a lowly aide, who then lied to the ‘Bugis warrior’.


So were you ever in charge of anything or simply another one of those pompous, empty vessels in three-piece suits strutting about the stage?


Versey: In the first place, there's no reason to defer the programme, unless PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) is so hopeless that it couldn't even handle the security at a forum organised by civilised people in a supposedly civilised society.


Secondly, even if Dr M were to meet PM, there's no reason that they have to resort to a private meeting in a room since the 'Nothing2Hide' programme is a dialogue on 1MDB.


Everyone would have expected it to be an open dialogue for every attendee to find out the truth about 1MDB.


The organiser said, "If the meeting had happened and photographs of Najib and Mahathir having coffee were circulated, it would have created a 'feel good' factor even if the dialogue did not go on."


This leads us to suspect the real objective of this programme could be just kind of "marketing/publicity" gimmick to camouflage the real underlying intentions.


Better stop the blame game, arrange a televised debate like most democratic country would. It'll fit PM's aim to make Malaysia the most democratic country. How about that?


Opah: The more they try to spin it, the more ridiculous they make Najib appears. So the prime minister of Malaysia cannot use his brains, but blindly followed the advice of his aide?


Who is the boss and who is the subordinate? I guess that means it is true that Najib blindly followed the advice of Jho Low regarding 1MDB, too.


Ib: Good leaders take responsibility for their decisions. Weak leaders blame others. Who appointed this aide anyway? Who are you going to blame for appointing incompetent people that surrounds you? 


Mushiro: Enough excuses have been given for Najib's 'no show' at the forum that it is becoming more ridiculous now with new excuses.


If the aide really sabotaged Najib, then it is even more dangerous that with all his highly-paid advisers and security around him, a sabotager can easily access Najib.


What happens if it was during a war? Now it is shown that Najib is weaker and more vulnerable than we thought.                          


Saphire: Najib, it is best that you create your own questions and answer them on your blog. That’s the best you can do.


You claim to have huge support, but afraid to appear in front of them. Your warrior blood suddenly disappears when confronted with Mahathir.


As Malaysiakini cartoonist Zunar aptly put it, you have chicken blood.


Legit: Khairul, you tell this story to an eight-year-old and he will spit on your face. You guys can spin the story any way you want, but the fact remains Najib is a coward and has everything to hide.


He does not deserve to be the prime minister of this country. It is better for him, his wife and his cronies to quietly leave the country for their own sake.                              


Ferdtan: First, the IGP was the fall guy. Now it is Najib's aide. To show that this is true, Najib should sack his aide immediately.


Headhunter: That's a new spin. Please don't make matters worse than what it is already. Just set a date for a debate on TV between the two - Najib and Mahathir.


After all, all Malaysians want to know about the 1MDB fiasco because each and every taxpayer has to foot the bill for the colossal loss by the incompetent PM.

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