Dr M calling PM to account ‘benefits’ nation

YOURSAY ‘He’s no saint but in this case, he’s acting in rakyat’s interest.’


Why we must not lionise Mahathir

Ferdtan: Yes, we understand where writer Kee Thuan Chye is coming from. Lest we forget, he is telling us the accolades from the public to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his battle with Prime Minister Najib Razak, is undeserved.


He is not fighting for the sake of rakyat but for his personal interest - to protect his legacy. Is it to endear himself, as said by the writer, with Malaysians, as he has not much time left in this world?


Yes, Kee, your point is taken. However, we must forget the animosity at the moment as Mahathir is doing the opposition a favour by fighting against a common enemy. At the same time, we will never forget the past abuses under his regime.


It is a matter of priority. Current issues are to be tackled first before we can revisit the past. We cannot bring back the past, but the present must be corrected immediately, so that our future will not be forfeited due to the lack of focus.   


Sound Mind: Indeed, are you saying when you and your family are drowning and your enemy comes to save you and your family, you would turn him away and let your whole family drown with you? It is okay for you to drown, but why the others?        


Pemerhati: What Kee says about Mahathir is absolutely correct. But at this point in time what he is doing by exposing the wrongdoings of Najib is extremely valuable for the country.


This is because many of the blind and loyal followers of Umno will believe what he says. In fact the opposition has been saying the same things Mahathir has been saying, but it had hardly any effect on the Umno leadership.


However once Mahathir had said the same thing, some top Umno leaders began to subtly indicate their agreement and other prominent Malays openly agreed with him.


This has got Najib worried and forced him to break his previous ‘elegant’ silence and launch a counter-attack on Mahathir. Once top Umno leaders throw mud at one another, the many Malays who support Umno blindly will realise how dirty the party they have been supporting really is.


Hopefully, this will make them abandon Umno and switch their allegiance to PKR and other opposition parties.


Fair Play: When you need a hero desperately, even the most timid mouse will do. And Mahathir is the right person at the moment, warts and all.


888: The premier should not hesitate any more. Put the old fox to pasture. Charge him with sedition, treason, corruption, anything. Just send him to Kajang rest house.


In Taiwan, one corrupt president was sent to jail for life. Even an ex-PM of Israel was jailed for receiving bribes. Ex-president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak was jailed for 30 years of corruption. Here, the old fox behaves like he is still powerful.


0berserver: What Kee’s piece misses is this; once Najib is forced to step down, all exposure of scandals will come to a grinding halt.


No one will ever be told the truth because this is just about politics - the changing of a few faces at the top who also want their share of the pie. This entertaining chain of events is not about the public interest.     


Ah Hoe: Kee is absolutely spot-on. No other leader has inflicted such untold irreparable damage on our nation and its various institutions (one example is the judiciary) as this old man. By comparison, Najib’s misdemeanours are just like Sunday school offences.


Alanthechan: I am no admirer of Mahathir and detest many of his policies when he was premier.


But remember that without him opening his mouth, we will not have the opportunity to know of the many issues on 1MDB - or the opportunity to raise questions because of the invoking the Sedition Act by our incompetent IGP (inspector-general of police).


In this instance, let him continue with his questions to the prime minister.       


Bringon14: The argument is extremely sound and I agree with what Kee has written. That said, I will however, allow the old man his 'lion' moment, but only insofar as he brings the whole dirty mess called Umno down.


This cancer has metastasised dangerously to the point that the only way to save the patient is to kill the patient (metaphorically speaking of course). The entire corrupt party needs to be gotten rid of.       


Ipoh Pp: What Mahathir did on Friday made many open their eyes. He is the cause of so much pain among us, but then again can anyone else, Kee included, stand up to Najib and ask questions on 1MDB?


This incident, showing the cowardice of Najib, has brought more votes to the opposition. Isn't this a bonus? So let Mahathir carry on his mission and we the rakyat will benefit.


Can anyone else do what Mahathir is doing? So let’s pipe down and support this doctor as long as he brings in the votes. Many here are keyboard warriors but can they ruffle one strand of Najib's hair?


Anticonmen: He replaced rule of law with law of the jungle. He removed separation of powers by making the executive control Parliament and the judiciary and even the royalty. He removed independence of enforcement agencies. He removed the tender system by introducing negotiated tender.


He removed restriction of politicians involved in business and conflict of interests between politics and business. He removed transparency and accountability of government by strengthening the Official Secrets Act (OSA). He removed meritocracy needed to employ the best.


He removed freedom of the press. He removed the necessity of all government activities to be under only one budget by introducing the concept of off-budget entities to avoid Parliament approval and scrutiny.


He removed the independence of the Election Commission. With these checks and balances removed, is it not easy for any corrupt leader to commit abuse and fraud?


Oh Ya?: I cannot agree more with Kee. History should remember Mahathir being the tyrant, the racist, the father of corruption, cronyism and nepotism.


He should also be remembered for the worst treachery committed upon the Sabahans, in particular Project M that has permanently changed the state's demography.


Mathematically, it has also relegated that state from being the richest to one with the highest incidence of poverty. His tirade against Najib was never meant to save Malaysia.


He is trying to save his own skin and at the same time, trying to propel his son to the prime ministership to sustain his dynasty.


Armchair Newspaper: The real issue is about systemic paralysis of Malaysian political system to address a national crisis such as 1MDB.


Will the attorney-general or the police investigate and prosecute in a timely manner, without fear or favour? Even if the real culprits are charged, do we have an independent judiciary that stands up to Umno?


Will the BN-controlled Parliament censure the PM for lying about 1MDB? The people are in despair and sickened to the core with what is going on.


We don't love Mahathir but he is doing what Umno and the servile BN should have done themselves - get rid of Najib.


TehTarik: Can you trust an old wily fox to look after a pen of chickens? I hope that the younger generation who has not experienced the excesses of the Mahathir era will be wary of the old fox.

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