Najib: People will prove Dr M wrong in next polls

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Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has come out will all guns blazing against Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying the latter is motivated by personal interests and is not thinking of the nation.

He is also confident that the people will prove the former premier wrong in the next election once his allegations are proven false.

Najib also criticised Mahathir for turning on the Umno leadership again.

"It is a shame that Tun has, yet again, turned against the leadership of his own party.

"These public attacks will only harm Umno, the government and ultimately Malaysia. This unbecoming behaviour will be an unfortunate postscript to his legacy," he said.

Noting that Mahathir has warned that BN would lose in the next general election, Najib asked when did an individual have the right to speak for the entire voting public.

"The opposition is in chaos, and, given their coalition’s fundamental ideological splits, there would be national paralysis if they assumed office.

"If we in BN stay united and prove ourselves worthy over the coming years, I have faith that the rakyat will prove Tun wrong at the next election – once it's understood that his allegations are false and motivated by self-interest, not Malaysia's interest," he added in a blog post.

Don't want Mahathir to rule by proxy

Najib also said Malaysians do not want a former prime minister to rule this nation through a proxy.

The prime minister said many have asked what motivates Mahathir to attack a serving prime minister.

"The answer is: he wants me to resign, as he previously wanted Tun Badawi (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to resign, because I refused to implement his personal demands.

"I refused because it is my duty as Malaysia's democratically-elected prime minister to lead this country and do what I believe is right for the entire nation, not one man," he added.

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