Pakatan just 'pengsan', says PAS leader
Published:  Jun 18, 2015 8:59 AM
Updated: 10:46 AM

A slew of words have been used to describe the state of the now defunct opposition coalition.

It ranged from the blunt "Pakatan Rakyat is dead" to the more diplomatic, "married, divorced, but still friends".

The architect behind the coalition, Anwar Ibrahim, argued that it "lives on in substance".

However, PAS newly-appointed election director Mustafa Ali must surely win the award for best description.

"Pakatan is not dead, only 'pengsan' (fainted)," he reportedly told a press conference in Terengganu today.

According to him, the coalition is faced with a setback since DAP decided to quit Pakatan.

"DAP is the one which decided to leave Pakatan; not PAS or PKR," he was quoted as saying.

Mustafa also recounted how in 2001, DAP withdrew from Barisan Alternatif after crossing swords with PAS but later joined hands with the Islamist party in 2008.

Can't operate in isolation

The PAS leader also argued that no political party can operate in isolation.

Mustafa also cited PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's statement that PKR would remain with Pakatan.

"There is no issue of Selangor falling to the opposition as we have also been instructed to stay with the government," he said.

Equating the current predicament with regard to severed ties between DAP and PAS to a hiccup, Mustafa said it is imperative to find the right cure.

As for the internal woes in PAS, Mustafa does not consider PasMa to be a threat.

"The real threat is the new political party," he said.

"PAS is open to criticism as we are not perfect and no party can live alone. There should be a marrying of parties in a coalition to ensure its strength," he was quoted as saying by The Star .

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