PAS will work with anyone except chauvinists, party president Abdul Hadi Awang said today, in a veiled jab against DAP.

He said this after being repeatedly asked by reporters about PAS' stance on Pakatan.

"We will work with any party except chauvinists," he said, repeating the word chauvinist once more to emphasise his point.

While he did not specifically mention DAP, the party is frequently labeled as chauvinistic by detractors.

DAP and PAS have ceased cooperation, with the former insisting that Pakatan is now dead.

PAS however maintains that the opposition pact still lives. "I'm still walking, I'm not dead yet," Hadi said, when asked to comment on PAS members who also say that Pakatan is dead.

"What is a Pakatan (pact)? There must be at least two (parties) right?

"Pakatan still exists because PKR has not decided (to stop cooperating with PAS)," he added.

He said this after a walkabout at the Kampung Baru Ramadan Bazaar today.

PKR has so far only said that Pakatan ceased to formally exist, but continue to maintain ties with DAP and PKR.


Meanwhile Hadi denied that he called his challenger during the recent PAS elections, Ahmad Awang ( photo ), a DAP candidate.

"I did not say he was anyone's candidate. I did not make any such statement," he said.

Ahmad yesterday was reported to be mulling taking legal action against Hadi for the alleged statement.

In the lead up to the muktamar, Hadi had allegedly said in a video that the contest is between a candidate favoured by DAP, and a candidate favoured by PAS.

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