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If guilty, teacher must be punished to full extent

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YOURSAY ‘Such a low mentality. No wonder education system’s heading for rubbish dump.’


'Teacher told non-Muslim pupils to drink urine'

RATBATBLUE: Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan  for once, can you be true to your word? If the above words had indeed been said by the teacher and he/she was proven guilty, irrespective of his/her apology and crocodile tears, can this teacher be sacked within 24 hours without any retirement benefits?

I think it’s fair treatment; the other choice being punished for sedition, as the words are truly inflammatory (assuming these words were uttered by a Muslim to non-Muslims).

These incidents are becoming more common nowadays. I was taught to understand that during the fasting month, Muslims actually fall all over themselves to exhibit tolerance, be kind to their non-Muslim neighbours, increase their religious well-being by praying more frequently - in short, being more devout and caring.

This person, if a Muslim, has regressed, and gone in the opposite direction. Again, a cover-up would be possible - the person involved being given a slap or two on the wrist.

From Penang: Every year we have similar issues during puasa. Is BTN the root cause?

Vijay47: All the major religions of the world have a time for penance when members deny themselves their usual comforts, give glory to God and find ways to get closer to Him.

Fasting is merely a tangible form of this search, where adherents refrain from the luxury or even the satisfaction of indulging in grand feasts.

However, in Malaysia, the fasting season seems to take a direction of its own, with no limit to eating and instead, a holy requirement becomes an occasion for a near feeding frenzy, and pride is the motivating factor.

Worse, some demand that followers of other faiths must subscribe to their own dictates. Why must non-Muslims have to hide to have their meals? Is the grace of fasting by Muslims achieved only by depriving others?

One would expect some decency, some understanding of their own tenets during these weeks but unfortunately, we often encounter only savage behaviour. It appears that for many, especially teachers, the time of fasting brings out the beasts in them.

Bender: You keep planting seeds of racial hatred among teachers through BTN and Umno/BN propaganda. And when the seeds sprout into these kinds of travesties, you start blaming the teachers.

Alfanso: No need to investigate. We know.

Pg people: I did not see or hear of this kind of issue back in the 60s and early 70s. We ate and drank during the puasa month, in class and in the canteen, and our Muslim friends had no issues.

But today, there are so many issues.  Has the country turned into a Taliban state? If a person’s faith in his religion is strong, nothing will change or corrupt his mind.

Hmmmmmmmm: Won't be entirely surprised if they investigate and charge the whistleblower instead. Some people have totally missed the point about fasting. Instead of the 'life goes on' attitude during the fasting month, some people expect working hours to be shortened, eateries to be closed even for non-Muslims, not allowing non-Muslims to eat or drink in their presence, etc.

In fact they have made a mockery of the whole fasting thing, which I believe is to understand the feelings of poor people who have nothing to eat daily.

These poor people never demand that other people do not eat in front of them; they don't complain that they can't work because of hunger, etc.

Doggies: The teacher who said this will be promoted soon and will be transferred from this school to another as headmaster.

MA: Can we see our prime minister, for once, come out loud and clear to say this goes against the very grain of 1Malaysia, sack this senior teacher and give him his early retirement, minus all the government cookies?

Speak for all: Kamalanathan, are you serious with what you are saying, that action will be taken with this teacher when even you as a deputy minister, got slapped by an ordinary guy and there was nothing much you could do, or action be taken by the police against the man who assaulted you?

Please think before you say something! Anyway, it is your standard statement drafted by Education Ministry for you say whenever there is an issue to address involving non-Muslims to the press.

Gen2: If a senior teacher can show such a low mentality, it is no wonder our education system is heading for the rubbish dump.

OH YA?: Would the education minister give an undertaking to sack the culprit if the allegations are found to be true after the investigation, instead of a mere apology and transfer, as had happened before?

Wsoi: If the Kedah Education Department denies this allegation, then I suggest the ministry probes the state education officers.

Muted Rakyat: This teacher is no doubt another brain-damaged product of BTN.

Over50ABU: Where are the MCA, Gerakan backdoor ministers? Why keep quiet on this matter? What has the Kedah menteri besar got to say?

Mah Kau Fan: If true, the teacher must be sacked immediately without possibility of enjoying any retirement benefits. How is it that people with such thinking are in the school education system?

The answer is in the arena of politics. In a competitive world, we cannot play the divisive race and religion game. It is destroying the nation.

Exranger: These teachers will go scot-free and the blame will go to the non-Muslim students and the parent who wrote the letter. This fellow’s investigation will go and on till we all forget about it. What happened to last year’s incident of schoolchildren made to eat in the shower room?

Perak Boleh: Report the teacher for sedition for making a disturbing statement causing racial unrest.

Justine Gow: I don't know why some people think that other people's lives should revolve around their religions. If I choose to fast for spiritual reasons, it is between me and the God I believe in. There is no reason why I should dictate others to cease their normal activities of eating and drinking.

Flyingeagle: If the statement by the teacher is true, then it is time for the Education Department to sack the teacher with immediate effect. Reason: Simply not fit to be a teacher.

Doc: As usual it's Ramadan month again and teacher stupidity in national type of schools goes into hyper mode yet again. I am sure more acts of teacher and school administration stupidity will surface in the next few days.

Ministry of Education buffoons will as usual claim to investigate and nothing will come off it. The deputy prime minister cum education minister will suddenly catch the infamous "Penyakit Najib" which means the minister will not comment, not act on this random act of stupidity and act like nothing has happened.

RKR: Every fasting month, we seem to have this sort of problem. Remember the case of the school principal asking non-Muslims to eat in a toilet in Shah Alam?

KMD_1371466233: Where are the “champions” MIC and Gerakan? Hiding behind the school wall? You have been saying that you are the only ones who protect the non-Muslims. What have you got to say?

Asitis: A gymnast not covering her aurat, I can at least understand, even though I do not agree. But what is wrong with somebody drinking water? If this fanatical trend is allowed to go on in this country, soon we may all not even be allowed to breathe.

Msian1st: Why can't drink water in the class? Is the teacher a terrorist? Maybe he wants to go help ISIS instead.

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