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Justo won’t be able to save Najib and 1MDB

YOURSAY ‘It depends what they mean by 'tampered with information'.’


Dr M smells a rat in Justo's arrest

Anonymous #23456263: If indeed the information has been altered, they would have come up with a statement when it first appeared in the press.


The current claim of alteration appears to be an afterthought. If the money was legally channeled towards people's need, why didn't the people in power say so much earlier, rather than lashing out against the Wall Street Journal report.


If there is indeed nothing to hide, why not account for the RM42 billion debt? Why did they say cash was kept in Singapore, and then next, they said it was in ‘units’?


Basically: This whole Xavier Andre Justo deal sounds fishy. If 1MDB claims emails were tampered, why didn’t they lodge a report when Sarawak Report first published them?


Only months later, probably with all their files deleted, they make this claim. Remember in United Kingdom they lodged a report over 'stolen email', not falsified information.


No rebuttals have ever been made, until now. And why would Justo extort PetroSaudi International using tampered emails? Who would pay for fake evidence to be leaked out, that just sounds silly.


It seems like it takes time to look for a fall guy and write the script. When PM Najib Razak was implicated in one email, he has kept utterly silent till now. He still hasn’t addressed that email.


Smelled a rat? I think it stinks worse than that. In Bolehland, this is just another episode of ‘Drama Minggu Ini’.


Odin Tajué: The Sarawak Report published its exposé entitled ‘ Heist of the Century ’ on Feb 28. Justo was arrested four - one, two, three, four - months later.


Since the fellows at PetroSaudi International and their very close friends at 1MDB, the Finance Ministry and the kitchen cabinet of Putrajaya are implying that the emails published by the Sarawak Report are versions tampered by Justo, how is it that they realise it only now?


Or if they have realised it four months ago, why have they not taken the Sarawak Report to court soon after the exposé was published?


CQ Muar: Call it a coincidence, this was what I commented yesterday - that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi would come up with threats against Sarawak Report and The Edge for twisting facts.


But I do not believe Najib and his boys will get away at the end of the day. The way towards the end will be winding and thorny, but we will be patient.


Hermit: Najib has been trying hard to buy time by evading even the simplest questions. Similarly 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda purposely failed to appear before the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) as directed.


It looks all these have been well-orchestrated so that the eggs would hatch out as planned. A big joke is that a company with RM42 billion debt transacts its business through emails.


Anonymous_1423808262: Indeed, the Justo arrest is a stroke of genius by someone allied to 1MDB as a counter-offensive against the marauding Tun (former PM Mahathir Mohamad) et al.


The whole saga could be staged as well said by Tun, but it has achieved its target. Suddenly the hunters become the hunted.


The fence-sitting ministers like Zahid and Ahmad Shabery Cheek are suddenly aroused from their hibernation and the print media have a field day. In the war of perception, Najib is temporarily victorious.


The Analyser: Why does Malaysiakini keep on reporting on Mahathir? I know that freedom of speech is important, but surely there are other people in Malaysia who have worthwhile opinions.


If my theory that Mahathir is specifically trying to stir up trouble is correct, then Malaysiakini is only aiding his project. If otherwise, I'm tired of his constant attention seeking and would much rather hear from a younger, more intelligent, less biased commentator.


Negarawan: Whether we love or hate Mahathir, I believe Mahathir's incessant efforts to expose the 1MDB scandal and the blatant attempts to cover it up, will rally many Malaysians behind him to put a stop to the plunder of the country's wealth.


Sirach: Dr M, exposing 1MDB's skullduggery will be your crowning achievement. If the crooks are brought to justice, you will have the grateful thanks of the nation. Of that, you can rest assured.

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