Zahid vs Edge: Show the tampered emails


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YOURSAY 'Please state which part was not accurate. Show cause on what?'

The Edge gets show-cause letter over 1MDB reports

Swipenter: First thing first. Xavier Andre Justo was arrested by the Thai police for blackmailing PetroSaudi International (PSI) and for "tampering" emails.

Putrajaya has openly admitted that the leaked emails were tampered by Justo was their " logical assumption " and not based on facts or admission by Justo.

Can you issue a show-cause letter to The Edge and for that matter anyone based on your "logical assumption" and not on facts that reports on 1MDB were inaccurate. Isn’t this a classic example of rule by law?

Vijay47: Good work, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, now you really have The Edge by the short hairs.

All that is left for you to do is to reveal the original authentic documents and prove how or at least what The Edge had published which was wrong. And while you are at it, maybe you should also sue the Sarawak Report .

Truth: Which part is inaccurate? Big bully.

Freethinker: Yes. Please state which part was not accurate. Show cause on what? Any evidence that those reports were not accurate or was there already a "finding" that the documents were tampered?

I hope The Edge would stand their ground. The home minister has nothing on them.

Odin Tajué: Indeed, Zahid has absolutely no case whatsoever. In issuing the show-cause letter to The Edge , he either was merely trying to show off his power or he is just plain moronic.

The people at The Edge are far more intelligent than he is and doubtless will be able to submit a convincing reply.

Zahid has lied through his teeth. Reason: He has claimed that certain Malaysians had asked Justo to alter the contents of the PetroSaudi materials and said that they might be extradited to Thailand if needed to facilitate investigations.

Why then has he (together with PM Najib Razak, the Finance Ministry and 1MDB, of course) not got the individuals arrested, charged and taken to court?

I am of the view that Zahid has unknowingly put himself, Najib, the Finance Ministry and 1MDB in a spot.

Should The Edge be charged or have its licence revoked, it will definitely take these parties to court and demand that the latter point out which portions of its reports are wrong and to prove their assertion.

Unless the judge or judges who will preside over the case are among those that serve Umno and not justice, then the defendants will have to submit the original materials. That will be very interesting indeed.

From Penang: So much information indicated the misconduct of 1MDB, yet no action taken. While The Edge only disclosed the information of public interest, the home minister is trying everything to bring them down. What kind of justice we have in this country?

Karma: This is so funny. Such show-cause letter on a baseless allegation is clearly an intimidation. It shows the Home Ministry is, sorry, dumb.

Its deputy minister just said that the tampering was a mere speculation. He further explained how he derived the 'logical assumption' - that Justo tampered the e-mails because he was arrested and the mails came from him (is it?).

I wonder how The Edge going to reply to the letter based on the accusation of publishing 'tampered' e-mails.

Senior Citizen: Dear Home Minister, have you ever think of issuing any show-cause letter to Utusan Malaysia which has been proven in court for defaming, lying and publishing "very inaccurate" reports?

Putrajaya accuses Edge of sowing 'confusion'

Anticonmen: Exposing fraud is not causing confusion.

To begin with, the joint venture between 1MDB and PetroSaudi International is a fraud because there was no oil concession in the Caspian Area at all as claimed.

Hence, the capital contribution by 1MDB of RM1.5 billion for the joint venture is a scam. Now you know why the capital was subsequently converted to a loan.

Justine Gow: This is like someone coming up to you to accuse that you have done something wrong to him and demand an explanation from you on that something.

Yet he does not tell you exactly what wrong you have done him. When push comes to shove, The Edge should consider taking legal action against such a high-handed approach by the home minister.

Hplooi: This is outrageous. The government has not even satisfactorily answer all the discrepancies and they are now on a campaign of persecution.

Petrol price is going up without any rhyme and reason, the ringgit going further south, while we are waiting for another bombshell relating to 1MDB. Is this an attempt at diversion?

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