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Patriot plates - earning millions from zero work

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YOURSAY 'Why should the gov’t give what belongs to the rakyat to YPN?'


YPN replies to allegations against 'Patriot' plates

Ipoh PP: As I see it, all Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia's (YPN) answers on the Patriot number plates are mere bull.


Why can't the Road Transport Department (RTD) auction these numbers off and let the sales proceeds go to government coffers in the first place?


Why should the government give this out to YPN? YPN is just taking away what belongs to the rakyat.


Mafeeah: Utter rubbish, YPN. Indeed, why not get RTD to conduct the auction and then use the money for road safety programmes since our road fatality record is not that good. Doesn't that sound more patriotic?


ACR: Enough with this rubbish. Just on two allegations: Allegation 1: How much of the RM10 million sales would RTD get?


Allegation 2: RTD is the sole authority to issue number plates in the country. Notwitstanding whose idea this was (and it is a harebrained one), would not RTD make the money for itself if it had conducted its own auction like what it had done in the past?


Why is this not a loss for RTD with YPN coming into the picture?


Overlord: If YPN had obtained the rights of selling the Patriot plate numbers using open tender and it is transparent in the first place, this crap would not have come out.


Direct negotiation with such a huge profit whereby the average plate number is only RM100, and with previous transactions history showing just the sale of the first 20 numbers can make at least RM1,000,000, this is just another piece of Umno logic.


Justice Pao: Next up, they will have 1MDB number plates to help reduce their debts with minimum bid for '1MDB 1' at RM10 million and a direct hotline to the Prime Minister's Office for special deals.


This should help raise the billions needed for 1MDB. After that, '1Malaysia' car number plates, 'Wira Negara' plates, and so on.


They should be able to raise enough money to pay 1MDB's interest payments.


Turvy: What about I propose this - the PM may not have thought of this but I have - I would like to let his office out at night and on weekends when the PM and his staff are not there.


The rental earned would be mine, because the PM never thought of the idea.


Supercession: What's so patriotic about earning millions for zero work, and at the expense of the rakyat?



Pak Samad pens bold new chapter in politics

Franco: National laureate A Samad Said, you have taken a bold move but a good move nonetheless. We should all start thinking as Malaysians, and not as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban and such. We are Malaysian, period.


I’m looking forward to more Malaysians joining opposition parties regardless of race, religion, colour or creed, to help bring this country back to its full potential minus the racist bigots from the ruling regime.


Anonymous #33227154 : Pak Samad is a truly noble man, he shows that Malays can work together with Chinese and other races to build Malaysia.


Haveagreatday: "... I am still a student. Now I am starting to read politics. Before this, I only read literature,” said Pak Samad. What humility from the conscience of our nation.


Pak Samad, I wish you well; I hope you will be able to dismantle the 'Chinese chauvinist' tag from DAP, which I also believe is not true.


But I am not a DAP member; I had been rooting for change since the 1980s and still am, but I have not yet convinced that DAP is the right political party to join.


Whatsup: Salute to Pak Samad. My deepest gratitude for giving us hope. We have the greatest respect for you - a true Malaysian. Thank you.



Ferry service a 'fairy tale' for Penang?

SteveOh : Federalism in Malaysia has strange features. Why does the federal government run an operation that is fundamentally an essential state service?


The federal government has no business in state operations but should be responsible for federal matters such as defence and immigration.


The Penang ferry should be spruced up and be more passenger friendly to enhance tourism and not simply be a car cargo transporter. The state government can do a better job with the local people's support.


Opah: A well-run ferry service will provide competition for the two Penang bridges. Then the Umno cronies collecting toll there would cry.


So they starve the ferry of development and slowly let it rot away. For them, it's better to waste federal government money than to deprive Umno cronies of money.

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