Malaysia, the new ‘sick man of Asia’?

COMMENT CIMB chairperson Nazir Abdul Razak is spot on in saying that Malaysians live in 'dark times.' Is this the diagnosis confirming the country as the new 'sick man of Asia'?        


Corruption, which is more than just financial wrongdoings, includes the bastardisation of all public institutions in a country.


Nazir knows all about bastardisation , in particular the questionable implementation of national development plans, and probably of the country's democracy.


The different arms of government are not independent or working vigorously to check one another against abuse of power and corruption.


The executive has total control over everything unlike in a proper democracy with separation of powers that ensures abuse of power is difficult.    


The country appears stricken with a strange psychosis.


The 'dark political times' are because the politicians believe in their own spin. The medical doctors have a term for this condition: pseudologia fantastica, the fancy term for pathological liars, people who have the habit of compulsive lying...

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