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Syura council seals PAS-DAP divorce
Published:  Jul 11, 2015 8:54 AM
Updated: 2:54 AM

PAS’ syura council has given its approval for the Islamic party to cut ties with DAP but maintain its partnership with PKR.


This followed the party's muktamar's resolution proposing that the syura council consider severing ties with DAP last month.


The resolution was mooted by the Dewan Ulama and subsequently approved by the muktamar without debate.


The council’s decision will be sent to the party’s central committee for further action, said the council's secretary Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh.


"The syura council regrets DAP's continuous provocations, threats and violation of the Pakatan Rakyat spirit as well as its interference in the faith, policy and objective of PAS.


"Therefore, the syura council decided that PAS’ political cooperation with DAP is voided. At the same time, PAS maintains its political cooperation with PKR," said Nik Muhammad.


He added that PAS holds firmly the policies of Islam in its dealings with all quarters.


The syura council's declaration is merely a formality as DAP had pre-empted the syura council and announced the end of Pakatan early last month in response to PAS muktamar's proposal to sever ties with DAP.


DAP had insisted that Pakatan cannot exist without all three of its members together.


Formal end


PAS had repeatedly accused DAP of being hasty and urged the public to wait until the syura council made its decision.


However, the syura council's announcement today meant that both DAP and PAS now acknowledge the severing of ties, thus formally sealing the end of Pakatan.


Prior to PAS decision, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is in prison, in a message had acknowledged the demise of Pakatan but stressed that informal cooperation continues.


He had also alluded to the setting up of a new and broader coalition to replace Pakatan.