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Mob violence near Low Yat Plaza, several hurt

Several reporters and a bar staff have been hurt after a gathering near Low Yat Plaza turned rowdy late last night.

As at 1am, the police have made several arrests and members of the mob have spread in different directions.

Those in the group - who claimed they represented Malay NGOs - had gathered in front of Low Yat Plaza yesterday evening in response to a brawl the night before at the popular electronic goods mall.

On Saturday evening, a brawl erupted on the ground floor of Low Yat Plaza after seven youths attacked mall staff.

Other mall staff retaliated by beating up the seven youths.

Mob regrouped

Videos of the incident have spread like wildfire on the Internet, but the ensuing debates have turned ugly and polarised along racial lines.

This was despite the fact that police classified the incident as rioting that stemmed from an alleged case of theft.

About 200 people gathered in front of the mall about 7pm on Sunday night, saying they were demanding justice for the seven individuals.

As their numbers swelled, the mob attempted to barge into the mall, but was prevented by police and security staff. About 9pm, the mall was shuttered down.

After briefly dispersing, the mob regrouped and there were several heated rounds of discussions with the police.


Police personnel had tried to convince the crowd to disperse and allow the law to take its course.

However, members of the mob refused to relent, often making racial arguments.

By about midnight, some groups within the mob began assaulting people at random, including a bar staff and several journalists.

Police then went in pursuit of the assailants, resulting in a cat-and-mouse situation.

At the time of writing, all journalists have been barred from being in the Jalan Bukit Bintang-Jalan Alor-Jalan Bulan-Jalan Imbi area.

Members of the press were also threatened with arrest if they refused to observe the instruction.

One journalist was brought to a nearby clinic for treatment while another was given on-site medical attention.


Misi nak mencari baju raya jadi tragedi. Belakang Low Yat sekarang pukul 12.31 Melayu bertempur dengan Cina.

Posted by Muhammad Azry Raya on Sunday, 12 July 2015

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