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Why gov't is afraid of Sarawak Report

COMMENT I awoke to a cold winter morning in Melbourne matched only by the black notice before my eyes. I stared at the top story in Malaysiakini which coldly stated: “NOTIFICATION - This website is not available in Malaysia as it violates the National Law”.


The Sarawak Report is officially banned in Malaysia.


That figures. News, as I learned from my journalism course, is something that someone somewhere does not want known. "Is this an unwitting admission of guilt?" some of the many comments in Malaysiakini suggested. After all, Sarawak Report was pivotal in exposing the 1MDB scandal.


Does the Sarawak Report publish information that someone in Malaysia does not want known?


Should the government not take other more democratic actions than use the jackboots approach? Does it not trust its legal system? After all, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has sued Malaysiakini , so why not sue the Sarawak Report ?


What ‘National Law’ has the Sarawak Report violated?


Indeed, these days there are more questions than answers...

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