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One cheated Justo, the other cheated M’sians

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YOURSAY  ‘Justo was not paid, but does it make the evidence provided by him tainted?’


No honour among crooks, says Rahman Dahlan


Aries46: For BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan to draw a parallel between a confessed blackmailer and The Edge Media Group owner Tong Kooi Ong - hailed as a patriot in exposing the 1MDB debacle - and those out to defraud the nation is a sign of desperation.


To equate Tong cheating former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Andre Justo to likelihood of him cheating Malaysians is stupidity. But that is precisely what Abdul Rahman does in deflecting the people’s attention from alleged crimes against the nation.


When he touted the video confession of a bankrupt whose credibility was criticised and questioned he did not care about the ethics of his action. All that mattered was to stonewall the barrage of 1MDB exposes by any means.


But when it comes to the oppression of those who care and clamour to protect the people and nation from those who defraud us all that Abdul Rahman has in the name of rebuttal is some name calling.


Abasir: Abdul Rahman, you really should not bite the hands that feed you. It was bad enough that you first said, "it takes a scum to recognise a scum" and now to rub it in, you say this.


What will the ‘ketuanan kabinet of krooks’ have to say, now that you have whacked them twice like this?


Magnus: Everyone knows The Edge did the right thing in getting the information from Justo and blow the lid open on this truly scary financial scandal.


But I must say that while I support what The Edge did, I am also disappointed that it has at the same time, been untruthful to Justo and taken advantage of him, and so given ammunition to those there without any principles at all to attack The Edge now.


That is why, though harder to do but still doable, it is always better to take the longer term view on actions and balance means and ends and do the right thing in the right way.


That way unprincipled opportunists without a shred of integrity or honour cannot attack you on any front, no matter how hard they try. It is a bit like that axiomatic saying about justice, in that justice must not only be done but it must also be seen to be done.


Can The Edge make a statement now that it will honour its word and pay the money it promised Justo?


Not Convinced: Magnus, I’m afraid it’s a crime to knowingly pay for stolen goods. Which is why Tong had to come up with the ‘ we misled Justo ’ excuse.


Progressive: Abdul Rahman - you and Umno talking about "coming clean" and "honourable"? What a joke! Tong was wrong to cheat someone, whatever the "good intentions" may have been.


But Abdul Rahman, you and your Umno buddies, including former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, have bled this country dry. Compared to you guys, Tong can be called an "angel".


Shut up and stop preaching ethics to us. Stop talking about "shame." These values have long forgotten by Umno.


Vijay47: During depressing "doom and gloom" days such as these, it is noble of Abdul Rahman to regale us with his inadvertent humour.


So Justo now is "a known sleek criminal"? I thought he was being viewed as Umno's latest saviour with hordes rushing to Bangkok to pay him homage?


Obviously, Abdul Rahman's grasp of journalism needs tightening - while The Edge did at once publish the information it obtained about the criminal activities of those in power, it was not at all obliged to reveal its sources.


Perhaps Abdul Rahman's understanding of newspaper ethics is based upon that pillar of truth and balance, Utusan Malaysia . Again he conveniently, to use his now favourite word, confuses method of acquisition with authenticity of content. 


Does the promise of payment detract from the accuracy of The Edge's report?  Perhaps, Abdul Rahman, you should steer clear of mentioning "honour and reputation", these are attributes you are hardly familiar with, especially with your newfound talent as national clown.


MinahBulat: Kota Belut MP, let us try and understand you clearly. Your contention is because a deal was made by The Edge , you therefore question the legitimacy of the evidence given by Justo.


The fact that there was an agreement to pay and Justo was not paid, does it make the evidence provided by Justo tainted?


Assuming you are right in jumping to that conclusion, here we have The Edge giving all the concerned authorities a digital finger print of the hard disk obtained from Justo and perhaps other hard evidence too.


Can you or any of the investigating body tell us what are their findings and exactly what or which part of the evidence that had been tampered, making it unsafe to rely on? We are all waiting.


Swipenter: Tong has neutralised whatever Abdul Rahman has up his sleeves by confessing that he got the information by misleading Justo. The task force has gotten a copy of all the information and let us see what they are going to do with them.


The witch hunt should be coming to an end since we know how the information was procured and the source of the leaks. But the sordid details of 1MBD scandal is about to explode in the faces of all those who involved in this mother of all scandals.


Bringon14: Similarly, politicians worth their salt would not cheat their own countrymen. But then you lot are not worth your salt, are you?  

So who's the biggest crook of them all?

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