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Media ban not to protect nation, but Umno

YOURSAY ‘Shahidan, confirmation of 1MDB scandal will mean the end of your party.’


Suspensions help protect M'sia, says Shahidan


Sali Tambap: So according to Minister in the PM’s Department Shahidan Kassim, in order to save the country and to ensure economic stability, we must allow RM2.6 billion of taxpayers money be channeled to the PM’s private bank accounts and for 1MDB to incur RM42 billion in debt of which RM2 billion in interest alone are to be paid yearly from the national treasury, not to mention the nearly RM27 billion missing and not accounted for. Hmmmmmm.


Perhaps one wonders whether Shahidan has a part in some of the money unaccounted for because unlike him, any sane Malaysian would obviously not condone such practices.


Turvy: What are these morons saying? That reporting the commission of a fraud against the nation will constitute a treat to its security? So in their estimation, the greater the fraud, the greater the threat to security if it is reported?


That logic suits their crooked ways and they will not change. Imagine, not one of them has referred to the allegation itself, but only to those who made the allegation and the motives for the allegation.


Surely as members of the cabinet they must be troubled enough to want to inquire as a group the roots of the allegation, rather than to simply talk about some imaginary threat to national security.


It shows how cursed we are that a bunch of immoral men have taken control of this country.


SemoLina: I give up. Can someone please deal with this idiot. I absolutely can't fathom his logic.


You do yeoman service for your country by exposing massive fraud running into the billions and you are told such action can and will threaten the well-being and safety of the country.


Hang Babeuf: "Suspensions help protect M'sia, says Shahidan." Just as bribery and corruption promote good administration and sound economic development.


If this man wants to protect Malaysia, he should fall on his sword. Now that would be a great service, one that would bring instant improvement to the nation's fortunes.


When we in the Umno-BN government stage a putsch, it's called "promoting democracy". That's all you have to remember, what you must always keep in mind.


When you sit where we sit, on top of things here, you begin to understand that things are not how they may seem. And we in government have to worry about false appearances. That's our job. Maintaining appearances, sustaining necessary pretences.


Malaysia-boho-leh: You have to hand it to these guys. They can spout this nonsense with a straight face as if they truly believe their own lies.


Well, I suppose these guys must be good at something, and Malaysians are finding out to their cost that they are actually very good at stealing and covering up afterwards.


But who is protecting the country's money?


Progressive: "I support anything decision that was taken to save the country," said Shahidan Kassim.


Is the action to save the country or save some individual? If The Edge is wrong, engage them and prove them wrong.


Odin Tajué: Shahidan, one can understand very well why you are assuming that stance.


For you and practically all the rest in Umno, the only way you can come into the money is by being part of the party and the party being in power - because being in power, it can continue to plunder the country's resources and commandeer all the government contracts for distribution to you all.


The exposing of the 1MDB seeming grand scam and confirmation of it will mean the end of your party. When that happens, you will lose everything.


And unlike the likes of The Edge’s Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat, who are enterprising people and willing to work hard, you all lack business acumen and are unwilling to do hard work. What you all want is easy money, fast. And lots of it.


The suspension of the permit for The Edge group to publish and the persecution of the critics of 1MDB will in no way help Malaysia and keep its economy stable.


You clearly have no idea of economics. You have no idea of what the massive debts incurred by 1MDB mean to the economy and the people of Malaysia.


In actuality, the suspension was to help to keep your party's status quo and, by extension, you all in your extremely comfortable zone. If you think the people out here cannot see that, then you are a totally blithering idiot.


SteveOh: It is tragic when a government minister can think that punishing investigative journalists doing 'national service' for the country in safeguarding public assets by exposing corruption is in the 'national interest'  and 'saving the country'.


It is a perverted notion. A sick state of mind.


Indeed investigative journalists of the high calibre of The Edge's are an endangered species and the suspension of The Edge is indisputable proof. When those with entrusted power redefine truth and substitute it with their inverted ideas, it spells the end of a moral society built on our universally accepted definition of truth.


When they substitute the substantiated facts with the rented opinions and the lies of paid false witnesses, what chance does truth have?


But for the courage and unflinching determination of so many Malaysians to do the real saving of their nation, all hope might have been lost.


Not Confused: Sorry Shahidan, once again, you demonstrate your total ignorance.


Contrary to your ridiculous assertion, suspension of the licence of a respected newspaper/magazine like this makes you and your colleagues look even more guilty in the eyes of the Malaysian rakyat and the wider international community (not that this means anything to someone with your history and credentials).


You are just making yourself look stupid and totally out of touch with reality.


Fair&Just: Of course, all ministers either directly or indirectly knowingly benefitted from the abuse of public funds would have been jailed if the investigation is fair and just, but not the case for ‘Bohongland’ as the messengers are either silenced or banned or suspended.


Indeed, the ministers are accomplices in CBT (criminal breach of trust).


Anonymous_1391693662: "Sadly, there are those who still do things to threaten the country."


Who are you referring too, Shahidan? Is it the IGP, PM, Umno, AG or yourself?

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