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Does PM want us to pluck 'pucuk paku'?

YOURSAY ‘The one that eats the most is telling everyone they eat too much.’


Najib: We have too much food on our table


Pat88: Mr PM, if you say that Malaysians have too much food on their table, it means that you have no clue at all about the daily struggle of the majority of the people in this country, and therefore you should not have the right to be their leader.


WDA: Gaining back the trust of the people? Recover and increase the people's confidence?


Start with you - yes, you PM Najib Razak (not ministers Ahmad Maslan or Abdul Rahman Dahlan) - facing the people and explaining the ‘if’, ‘who’, ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘what’ related to the RM2.6 billion that was allegedly deposited into your personal accounts as mentioned by The Wall Street Journal .


It has been more than 30 days since they broke the news and you still have not denied it.


By the way, don't worry about food on our table, especially when your implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not helping to make things easier for us.


2Kali5: Of course Malaysians are having too much food on their table. Where else in the world can they get a whole chicken for RM1, along with kangkung obtained free from their backyard.


Soo Jin Hou: What a joke! The one that eats the most is telling everyone they eat too much!


Well Thats Fantastic: When we say you have too much money in your bank accounts and we ask you where it was from and to where it went, you don't answer.


You now tell us we have too much food on our plates? Are you serious?


Or is it you have too much on yours? Because unlike you, we are worrying about paying for ours, now that every time we pay we also pay the government in the form of GST. We eat, you all ‘eat’.


Mushiro: The PM seems to know everything about the needs of the rakyat yet he has not done anything to solve the problem.


Statements like “we must now focus on gaining back the trust of the people” is made today and forgotten tomorrow.


Perak Boleh: The PM is right that we are spending too much on food. From now on, I will start growing kangkung, pluck ‘pucuk paku’, and fish for tilapia from used mining ponds. No chicken or meat.


With all this, there is no need to spend money and also no need to pay GST. Maybe by doing so, I might even help 1MDB to save more to pay for its debts.


Dalvik: Utter rubbish, and I am utterly disgusted by the PM’s latest comment. A quick Google search showed me that, nine years ago, Najib (back then as a deputy prime minister or DPM) asked us to change the lifestyle upon rise of fuel price - he asked us to use public transport.


Now people have issues with food on the table, he asked us to reduce the food consumption.


On the other hand, he is a strong supporter of change, too - change of watches, change of private jet, change of attorney-general (AG), change of DPM, change of cabinet. No wonder he is preaching for us to change, too.


RCZ : Too much jewellery on one woman's hand. Too many bags on one woman's shoulders. Too much money in one man's personal account.


Too many properties owned by one stepson. Too many wedding functions for one daughter. So how about those things?


Malaysia Ku: No, Najib, not ‘we’ have too much. The truth is, you have far, far in abundance in your personal accounts at the expense of the people.


Your constant rhetoric on your pseudo-care of the people is shameless and entirely sickening. No one, except those in your pocket, believes a single word you utter. Your trust deficit is in the negative zone. So please save your platitudes for your own kind.


Whiteman: Why do Malaysia have 'feed the poor programmes’? Why are there beggars on the street?


I used to have weekly family get-together in restaurants. Since GST, I cook at home. After GST, we no longer go to 24-hour mamak stall. Soup ayam is RM6.50. All prices including 'air suam' have gone up.


So we now 'ta pau’ (take away) and eat at home. It is cheaper. We don't have to pay 70 sen for Chinese tea and RM1.30 for teh-o kosong. That is what GST done to me and my family.


SemoLina: A missionary once told me that in rural Sarawak, soda biscuits dipped in black coffee was a big deal. So PM, do not be like your wife and tell us to eat croissants.


Gunnerrun: Other countries also have social media. They are even the creators of them. Almost all countries do not restrict such media, except just a handful.


The problems of these countries are far worse. They discuss race issues openly and honestly. They don't have sites sponsored by a certain group in power attacking the other races and the opposition like we have here in abundance.


These rogue sites have a free licence to say whatever they want, including using language that sickens to the core.


Compared with comments on sites like Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider , these sites are truly vitriolic. They will run campaigns to boycott traders, and defame like there's no tomorrow.


The sad fact is that civilised and educated folk with concern for the country, giving intellectual and good quality comments will be targeted as a result of the intended tightening of the freedom allowed on social media. How twisted can you get?


Anonymous_1423808262: With so much money, I would eat steamed diamonds, fried gold and roasted US dollars for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Speechless: Too much food on our tables? It looks like someone has put too much ‘foot in his mouth’.

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