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There seems to be no end to the incredulity by the country's top executive in clearing both the prime minister as well as the government backed investment mammoth, 1MDB - perception wise.

The latest twist saw an unsigned MACC statement clear the RM2.6 billion found in our premier's personal account - as mere donation money - after many weeks of allowed speculation and feigned ignorance to the existence and nature of the personal accounts.

Notwithstanding the Malay translation is derma falls within the ambit of the MACC as suapan : ' suapan' ertinya - (a) wang, derma, alang, pinjaman ... atau apa-apa manfaat seumpama itu yang lain ;

This definition then opens the door wide open for the person responsible - in receiving or paying a bribe - to be in violation of Section 3 and Section 50 of the MACC Act respectively.

Specifically Section 16 of the Act highlights that those found guilty can be jailed up to 20 years. Clearly if the executive is seen to hamper the anti-corruption agency; it is a move most detrimental to our parliamentary democracy.

While the MACC resolves its wide-ranging dilemma from releasing unsigned statements to last minute prayers for a corrupt-free regime plus integrity to prevail; we are left wondering on the roles of the following institutions :

Bank Negara - our central bank. For the first time in Malaysian history, our governor is being sought after by the IGP for investigations related to section 124B for activities being detrimental to parliamentary democracy - in the exact moment the public awaits the outcome of a task force she jointly chairs - investigating none other than 1MBD and the PM (chair of 1MDB advisory board).

Any threat and harassment against the governor - the bastion of Malaysia's economic and financial well-being - is certainly a threat against our parliamentary democracy.

As arrests and investigations become the prevailing order - we are left asking : Does BNM have anything to comment on the massive inflow of fund? How did the transfer of RM2.6 billion escape the AMLA automated alert?

Who was the deep-pocketed donor allegedly from the Middle East that donated this money to the PM? An immediate disclosure of the nameless Middle East donors must be made as Israel also is in the Middle East.

Was the donor from SRC international and how was the money utilised? Was the money used to fund the Barisan Nasional's 2013 general election campaign?

Fourth Estate under attack

Affronts within the executive have also taken place with the PM sacking of his deputy and members of his cabinet who were vocally critical against him and the 1MDB fiasco.

Whilst the sacking can be replaceable with other like-minded yet less outspoken Umno / BN leaders;  the same cannot be said for the removal of the attorney- general in the background of a rumored, purported charge sheet against our premier.

In his place we have a new AG, no less a former Umno member and disinterested in either disclosing the interim AG's report on 1MDB or updates on the now derailed investigations by the 1MDB  task force. The main cause for the derailment is the often used phrase of being detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

Whither the PAC? Courage of members easily wilt in the face of cabinet upgrades - whilst the remaining members of the quorum are blocked from continuing meetings , deliberations, or downright access to the PAC office.

The Fourth Estate is also not spared by our executive - latest victims include The Edge Financial Daily - whose dogged interest in exposing the 1MDB saga has cost it a three-month ban. Whistleblower site Sarawak Report is not only blocked but there is also an arrest warrant on its owner.

Clearly, the Fourth Estate is being severely attacked - a move that is most detrimental to our parliamentary democracy .

Malaysians - on the other hand - will not enjoy rights enshrined under Article 10 of our Federal Constitution - as those assembled against the prime minister's involvement in allegations of embezzlement and corruption are spuriously arrested - the list of 37 arrested include an octogenarian and a minor in last Saturday's #DemiMalaysia rally.

​Such systematic dismantling of democratic principles of separation of power threatens our parliamentary democracy .

The more the prime minister strengthens his authoritarian and emperor-like grip, the more frail our parliamentary democracy becomes.

Such growth of authoritarianism will only bring the country into further ruin and disrepute.

Malaysians cannot live with an emperor.  All agencies and democratic institutions must be reminded to achieve this aim and end the reign of the Emperor Prime Minister.

The well-being of the rakyat and survival of the nation are predicated on a working and thriving parliamentary democracy.

NURUL IZZAH ANWAR is Lembah Pantai MP and PKR vice-president and elections director.

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