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No gov't should hijack its investigations

COMMENT The dream of change has turned into a nightmare of retribution. It is maddening, desperate times.


The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) appeal to God . They pray to “face the challenges”. What challenges? Who are “those who practise graft” they pray against? When law enforcers are in fear, and their heads go on leave at this critical juncture, indeed, God help us.


And when a leader says one thing and goes against the very thing he said, God help us too. Is PM Najib Razak caught out again when he said political donations ought to be properly accounted for but sees nothing wrong in the dubious RM2.6 billion banked in his personal bank accounts?


Hopes were high that The Wall Street Journal report on mysterious deposits in the bank accounts would nail the culprit. Instead in a clever 'tai chi' move he nailed his pursuers instead and packed them off in their political coffins. He is crafty. So was the serpent. Does the devil win? It ain't over yet until the next elections and the next.


In a dark land of twists and turns, the twist is the investigators are suddenly the investigated. So what are they investigating now?


How will finding out who leaked the information tell us where the money is? Which country acts to stymie its own investigations? It is weird, absurd and almost criminal...

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