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An extended tragic soap opera in Malaiseyia

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YOURSAY ‘Will there be a happy ending? Or sequel after sequel with no end in sight?’


This is Malaiseyia

Haveagreatday: Writer RK Anand, I am glad that even when the prognosis is not all that bright, you still managed to instill some bright sparks of hope in your article.


Yes, at this point in time, evil and deceit is in its ascendancy and we, who are rooting that justice and fairness will prevail, have to resort to divine help.


But god, karma or whatever supreme power we choose to believe in does work in mysterious ways and I am confident in due course good shall triumph.


Anonymous #33227154: What is happening now is not sudden. Since the time Tunku Abdul Rahman stepped down, Malaysia has gone on a path of corruption and racism.


This prolonged illness has taken a heavy toll on Malaysia and now it's near its fruition. Malaysia is dying and we need drastic change and a good leader to save it. All our past and current leaders have failed us.


Mosquitobrain: The faster we get over this 1MDB saga, the better. Crude and palm oil, the country’s two main commodities and revenues earner, are badly hit.


The common people too are badly affected. Businessmen have lost trust and are moving out of the country. The greenback is hovering above RM3.90 and the same goes with the Singapore dollar at over RM2.80.


Where are all our 'patriotic' leaders?


Lone_star: An extended tragic opera is being played out. Cast, Bolehlanders, script by Beenders, music courtesy of RTMenders, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and publicity crafted by Wingers, security provided by PDRMembers, action scenes choreographed by Members Aksi CC, and financial support of RM2.6 billion provided by a nameless donor from the Middle East.


Played to capacity crowds daily in Malaysia, Middle East, United States, Great Britain, Europe. It is a play with no obvious ending in sight.


RCZ: This article captured all the tragic comedy acts well and showed up the actors and clowns.


Yes, let's see how the tragic play unfolds and whether there will be a happy ending. Or will it be sequel after sequel with no end in sight?


Just_A_Rakyat: These are acts of a very desperate man. While it can be said that Umno has never played it fair, but the current executive has taken it all to a different level with no regard for the law.


Malaysia Ku: Yes, indeed. The self-appointed unroyal couple is using the massive resources at their disposal to send out those who are still on their bandwagon as marionettes to beat down the bush surrounding their castle.


But their drawbridge can't be lifted. The ‘proletariats’ are fighting back, slowly and surely. Doomsday awaits the castle inhabitants, and it can't come sooner, to save the land from utter destruction.


Pemerhati Bebas: And Najib and his cohorts have the cheek to accuse everyone else of smearing the country's image. They should look in the mirror. They are the ones giving Malaysia a bad name.


Najib's boot polishers are ever willing to bend backward to save his sorry arse, just to save one man, even at the expense of the country's well-being.


Retired Citizen: It looks like this nation of ours is emulating North Korea with brutal actions being taken on anyone who is seen to be demanding the truth. This is supported by almost the entire cabinet who are doubling up as spin masters.


I just do not know when Umno will wake up to realise that the party is destroying the nation and all the government institutions. We have a shameless PM, supported by a shameless cabinet and shameless ruling coalition parties.


Hermit: Yes, Anand. The nonagenarian needs this kind of fuel to fire up his muscles. The current state of the nation, gifted with the Internet, is much more the catalyst compare to the days after the nonagenarian was banished away from Umno by the late Tunku.


And looking from the records, the fox never missed its definite target.


Prudent: No surprise at the grim and mirthless jokes being spawned by the jokers. Marina Mahathir correctly described her father as 'The Joker' on his 90th birthday.


The present regime of jokers and comedians are the political progeny of 'The Joker' Mahathir. So laugh for now, Malaysians. Get some respite. It's the best medicine, according to the Reader's Digest.


Headhunter: Rome is burning while Nero is too busy covering his money trail.


Warrant Addict: What about Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor’s suggestion? Give another chance to him.


But he must ask forgiveness from the rakyat on live TV. Will this be okay?


Anonymous 693391436760161: Very well-written article in a somewhat poetic form. I definitely enjoyed the read.

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