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Daughter: Bahri saved millions from swindlers
Published:  Aug 8, 2015 2:27 AM
Updated: 3:54 AM

Eila Bahri, the daughter of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) special operations division Bahri Mohamad Zin, has paid tribute to her father's decades-long battle against corruption.

This was after Bahri, who was vocal against police harassment of MACC investigators probing the RM2.6 billion deposits into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's accounts, was abruptly transferred to the Prime Minister's Department (PMD) yesterday.

"My father, Bahri Muhamad Zin, served MACC (previously Anti-Corruption Agency) for 33 years.

"For decades, he carried out his duties to investigate and arrest those who were out to swindle funds illegally from the rakyat.

"He and his division succeeded in saving hundreds of millions from going missing," said Eila in a Facebook posting.

She added that because of her father's commitment, Bahri's family had to endure all kinds of harassment.

"For as long as he worked as a MACC officer, our family was constantly threatened, hit with black magic, disturbed, boycotted, scolded, and he (Bahri) experienced even more," she said.

However, Eila said her father, who was a deeply religious man, had always been steadfast in standing by what was right.

Why PMD?

She also questioned what purpose her father would serve by being transferred to the PMD.

"As long as I have known Bahri, he is good at three things - teaching religion, investigating, proving, arresting bad people and planting trees.

"When my dad was transferred to PMD, I started thinking what they (the authorities) wanted him to really do?

"Teach people at PMD religion? Plant trees at PMD and use the produce to pay the bills of dignitaries?

"Or do they want him to expose more of them?" she said.

Eila sought to comfort her father, telling Bahri that it was about time he got some rest.

"To my father, never mind... It's okay, you can read newspapers at the PMD.

"Dad have served for a long time and in the end, people called you a mule," she said.

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