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Here we go again, Jews and Christians at fault

YOURSAY ‘Mahdzir, don’t give more problems to Najib. His hands are already full.’


Education minister ticked off for blaming Christians

Vijay47: Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid, you are the very pits. Nothing that is even remotely decent and respectable can be expected from you.


How convenient of you to blame reports on Najib Abdul Razak's and Umno's alleged criminal activities on Christian and Jewish conspiracies, and later no doubt on the Chinese, too.


The mind shivers to think that you are of all things, minister of education, tasked with the moulding of future generations.


There is no point in delving into your ridiculous logic since that would be beyond you to understand, save to ask whether revealing all those shameful acts by your party chief and other members would be true and acceptable only if done by Malays and Muslims.


Lest you forget, much of the truth coming out into the light was through the efforts of Malays themselves - Malays who are sick to the core with the abuses and corruption of your Umno. At last count, PKR’s Rafizi Ramli is a Muslim.


SteveOh: What an ignorant and callous comment by the education minister who is scraping the bottom of the barrel to suggest Christians have an agenda of splitting Muslims.


The real Christian agenda is that all mankind will know 'God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life and to love one another.'


If the undereducated minister had read the Bible he would have known that it prophesied in Genesis that the descendants of Ishmael would be at loggerheads with one another and this is seen in the internecine war between Arabs.


It is utterly irresponsible of a government minister to speak in that vein knowing full well his utter lies would offend people. Indeed he owes the Christian community an apology but I doubt he is even aware of the noxious effect of his despicable spin.


Odin Tajué: Mahdzir, the usual groups you have always blamed for your shortcomings are the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad. You have forgotten to include the Chinese and Mossad this time around.


It is the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad who have conspired together to put morons like you as education minister, so that each succeeding generation of Malaysians can be turned even more moronic than the last.


It is the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad who have conspired together to cause Muslims to embezzle thousands and millions each year as revealed by the auditor-general's reports.


It is the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad who have conspired together to cause the prices of defence items paid for by Malaysian taxpayers to be jacked up many folds, so that the thieves can pocket the hundreds of millions.


It is the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad who have conspired together to cause you-know-who to sell Malaysia's secret naval data to a foreign party for some RM140 million.


It is the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad who have conspired together to cause no less than RM500 million to be added to the cost of the Scorpene submarines to be pocketed by certain Muslims and the person who have ‘ordered’ the explosive sending-off of Altantuya Shaariibuu - and not forgetting the deletion of the detail pertaining to her ingress into Malaysia.                                                                       


It is the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad who have conspired together to steal RM2.6 billion of Malaysian taxpayers' money through the 1MDB grand scam. This is in addition to more billions stolen through other deals.


There are many, many more instances of the Chinese, Christians, Jews (Israel) and Mossad having conspired together to cause Muslims to steal, murder, deceive, con.


Basket Case: For Umno, it's always the fault of others. But in reality, Umno is well capable of dividing the Malays/Muslims and worse still, the nation. Indeed, Umno is doing very well in bringing the country to its knees.


Telestai!: How can a minister be so ignorant as to accuse Jews of working with Christians to split the Malays?


Secondly, Christians themselves are well and truly divided such that they cannot possibly threaten the Malays or any race or community. Mahdzir, what have you been smoking lately?


Anonymous_3e06: They do not learn from mistakes. This is the usual blame game that Umno plays and they have not learned. It shows Najib prefers ‘yes men’ rather than people who can think and are rational.


RatBatBlue: I have several points to make. I feel absolutely sorry for Najib and the Malaysian public.


Najib, if this is the standard of your sycophant and if it is only this statement he could muster in your support, you are definitely doomed.


The will to survive is overwhelming, but this bloke need not go to such lengths to openly utter seditious words such as these against the Christian community to please his master.


I hope a police report is made by the relevant Christian authorities so that he could be probed.


Jaycee: It is people like you who are ensuring that Malaysia will never be an integrated country. You are blaming the minorities for the problems created by greedy and corrupted officials and cronies who are Muslims. Shame on you!


P Dev Anand Pillai: It is the usual, when it is right there glaring at their faces with the culprits being unable to give a satisfactory answer, blame everyone else except themselves. This is the art of Umno's social engineering policies on the Malay mind.


Mosquitobrain: Mahdzir, do not give more problems to Najib. His hands are already full.


ACR: Off to a fantastic start as education minister. Umno never fails to better its track record of putting the worst characters in public office.

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