Instead of Low Yat 2, name it Plaza Ismail Sabri


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YOURSAY ‘Who says our cabinet ministers are bereft of intellect and resourceful ideas?’

Ismail Sabri moots 'Low Yat 2' for Malay traders

Anonymous 731691434514996: Malays must be witnessing with their very own eyes how leaders from Umno and PAS are doing their darnest to split Malaysia, divide the races and continue to champion communal interests.

They must also be witnessing how Umno allies MCA, Gerakan and MIC are totally impotent in face of the onslaught by Umno against non-Malays.

At the same time, they are witnessing how non-Malay leaders as well as Malay leaders from DAP are calling for all the races to unite to strengthen the country.

Even PKR, which is led by Malays, is not doing enough in calling for unity simply because they need to remain incognito in face of Umno attacks so that their Malay support base does not see them as pro-non-Malays.

Malays cannot be so blind as to not see how the country is being kept divided so that the Malay elite led by PM Najib Razak can continue to raid our Treasury. Wake up, my Malay brethren. Wake up!

Odin Tajué: A Low Yat 2 exclusively for Malay traders, what an absolutely brilliant idea, Agriculture Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

When I was based in your neck of the woods, I noticed that at least 90 percent of the business establishments in Kuala Lumpur were owned and run by the Chinese. You must help your fellow Malays to prosper like they are.

Oh, do not forget to make daily announcement on radio, TV and the newspapers controlled by your party for all the Malays to boycott all businesses owned and run by those who are not Muslims.

And to ensure compliance, get members of your Perkida, Perkasa, Isma, Tiga Line and whatever gangs you have to patrol KL and all other cities and towns to whack bloodied and senseless any Malay caught patronising business establishments run by those who are not Muslims.

Do that, and by 2020, all Malays will be multimillionaires and billionaires.

Anonymous_4056: The solution to the Low Yat fracas is to call on the mosques and surau to preach this - it is ‘haram’ to steal and stealing is unIslamic. What this idiotic minister has done is to spilt this nation further.

Hang Babeuf: Don't knock the idea. It’s an excellent principle. One capable of further extension and generalisation.

And (since we are nothing if not "fair") it can be applied not only to the Malays. Application of the principle can cross ethnic boundaries, transcend "race".

For example, we in Umno might next suggest a separate parliament for non-Malays where they could talk things over as they please (and in whatever language may appeal to them on the moment).

This would allow the existing parliament to get on with real business - conducted in Malay, by Malays, and for the benefit of Malays. Malays would have a "Parliament 1" and the non-Malays could have their own "Low Yat 2 Parliament". A feasible idea, no? Why not?

Tholu: What about "Sogo 2", "Pavilion 2", "Lot 10 2", "Sungai Wang Plaza 2", "1 Utama Shopping Mall 2", Genting Highlands 2", Sunway Lagoon 2", "Sunway Pyramid 2", etc?

Better still, what about "KL 2" and by extension "Malaysia 2" where the Malays and non-Malays live in separate territories?

We can all forget about 1Malaysia which is after all a hollow and meaningless slogan espoused by Najib meant only to win the non-Malay votes.

J Ng: The setting up of a Bumi IT Centre is definitely worth pursuing. However, due to highly competitive IT retail industry, the said minister must make sure that all these traders be given a 'jump start' support to ensure success at least in the initial one or two years.

Amongst the support should be: 1) Free or token rental, 2) Collateral free loan for traders, 3) 50 percent renovation and fittings subsidy, 4) Free IT repair courses to be given, 4) All promotions, discounts and publicity costs to be borne by government.

This can be obtained either from local/foreign donors or the setting up of special off-budget fund. This amount if substantially large can be used as guarantor to suppliers' credit extension for traders.

The business model can similarly be extended to all states. To ensure that such a project don't die prematurely, Ismail Sabri should take the role of project mentor.

Vijay47: I don't think anyone will have any problem if venues are set up to give Malays yet another leg up in the business world after 50 years of such special assistance.

Nevertheless, giving the programme a racial tinge is rather in poor taste though fully expected of Ismail ‘Stubborn Chinese’ Sabri.

The wannabee entrepreneurs in the proposed location should be aware that hard work and discipline would be required and no eight percent discount would be forthcoming.

It would be great if the venture lasts at least one year. If not, please don't blame the Christians and the Jews.

Speaking Sense: Is this to prepare for a new policy to give every civil servant and BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) recipients a free phone to be supplied only by traders in Low Yat 2? And all paid for by the government at double the market price?

Clearwater: Commerce flourishes on its own merits and not by some authoritarian decree. Sabri will fall flat on his face looking more stupid than ever trying to set up a rival race-based electronics goods store. I dare him to do it using his own money.

Anonymous_3e79: Not only is our PM an embarrassment, but each and every minister in Malaysia seems to fall into that category. What is indeed the qualification to be a Malaysian minister?              

God Save Us: Who says our cabinet ministers are bereft of intellect and resourceful ideas? But make sure the traders get all government contracts for IT supplies and training also.

Rental, of course, will be subsidised or provided free for the first two years, and interest-free loans if they are Umno members or they know someone in Umno.

Anonymous_1418999483: Dear minister, why call it Low Yat 2?

Why don't you name the new electronic outlet after the culprit who started the tension at Low Yat to commemorate the incidence and hence the need to start an exclusive Malay traders mall or name it after you for such a brilliant idea.

Truth Really: Indeed, why use a Chinese name for a 100 percent Malay venture? Just call it Bugis Junction, and ask 1MDB to donate the rental and absorb the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as part of its social responsibility programme.

Dingy: If it is exclusively for the Malay traders, name it Ismail Sabri Plaza.

Its success depends on the customers. The government can provide assistance and help in promotion, but if people don't go there, it will fail.

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