IGP: Bersih 4 focused on toppling gov’t

What's so 'clean’  about Bersih 4?

These are the sentiments of the inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar, who has deemed the organisers of Bersih 4 as nothing less than selfish and fuelled by an agenda to topple the government.


He said this was based on their willingness to go ahead with demonstrations which would affect the daily lives of the public, especially traders and taxi drivers.

According to the name, 'bersih' was merely a rhetorical title, but in reality, the organisers did not dare to follow the rule of law.


“They ask to clean this, clean that, but they themselves are dirty and do not want to follow the law. They do not care about the interests of others, they only want to protect their rights of freely gathering at Sogo (KL) and so on, without taking into account the rights of taxi drivers and traders.


“Political activities should be carried out in a gentlemanly manner, as there are seasons for it," he said, referring to election season and the period after the process had been settled.   


"During the off season, we carry out our work. The government goes to work, the opposition also works, the NGOs (non governmental organisations) also go to work.


"But do not go to the extent of planting a new culture as it will not ensure unity and our political stability," he added.      


- Bernama  


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