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When the gov’t is afraid of the naked truth

YOURSAY ‘Paul Low, nakedness and transparency are entirely two different things.’

Too much openness akin to porn: minister

Anonymous_1419577444: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low, regular and more frequent reporting by any government means accountability to the people who put them in power in the first place.

A government who dares to do that and be ready to constructively respond to any resulting criticisms or feedback, is one that the rakyat will respect and continue to vote back into power, even if they do not receive any BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia).

What you are suggesting is a secretive government who holds the rakyat in contempt. And what's worse is that you tried to link government transparency with pornography. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Dizzer: That's not how transparency works, Low. The government's job is to tell the rakyat how taxpayer's money is being used. End of story.

The government has zero, and I repeat, zero right to tell the rakyat how best to use or consume that information so that it conforms to what the government wants us to think. That's how dictatorships, not democracies, work.

CHKS: Stop using the pornography analogy. In the case of porn, ‘open’ means removing all your clothes, being naked and having sex in front of camera.

In the case of government budget and finance, ‘open’ means being responsible to the rakyat, having integrity, where all can be accounted for.

How come I've never heard you use this kind of analogy when you were with Transparency International? Are you now like Umno where black mixes with white, white mixes with black, everything seems to be grey?

Clongviews: Nakedness and transparency are entirely two different things. The auditor-general has to report three times a year and in detail because there is so much mismanagement and corruption.

Negarawan: “Why I say pornography it is because it means everything is exposed," Low said.

Pornography is intended to stimulate erotic feelings. Does Low think that every time the rakyat read about the excesses and corruption of Najib and his administration, they get erotic feelings?

No, instead the rakyat get infuriated. Low should read the latest Sarawak Report revelation on Mastercard and Visa spending by his boss amounting to more than US$1 million in the month following the last GE. Or is that too much arousal for his heart?

How Sad: Low, you have the temerity to tell us how much of the truth we can handle? Wake up, we are not as dumb as you. The one thing we surely can't handle are the lies we are told. That, we have the intelligence and maturity to reject.

The stupidity levels from people in power are simply astounding. As a rakyat I can't even blame myself for putting you in power as you were never elected to represent the rakyat. You were appointed and your slip is showing, if you know what I mean.

Babylon: And what happens to the findings in the auditor-general's report - three times a year? What is done about the corrupt practices unearthed? Who are the ones that get away with it year after year?

I tell you that this is more obscene than pornography.

Shibboleth: Dear minister, when you were head of Transparency International, you sang a different tune.

Your analogy of "pornography" is creative except you may not know that you are one of the many models titillating your masters' zoo of lust. Enjoy the gravy train while it lasts.

Apa Ini?: So, Low, the end message is Malaysians aren't ready to handle the whole truth, right?

That you guys up there are being as honest as need be for the good of the country? That you are already revealing more than we can handle with three reports from the auditor-general a year?

That 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in Najib's personal account is part of the "pornography" we the rakyat are too immature to look at and understand.

Anonymous_3f6d: It’s sad to see a matured old man thinking hard to come out with stupid reasons and logic merely to save his own job and his boss.

Progressive: I'm not sure his analogy of porn is correct. But I somewhat agree to a certain point with Low.

There are many comments on social media that are devoid of facts, figures or analysis. They add nothing to the subject matter and do not help much to nudge the nation forward.

Also some opposition folks are reckless and had shaken hands with MACC who allegedly caused the death of Teoh Beng Hock. They also praised former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is the main cause of all that ails this nation of ours today.

Rick Teo: Low, please don't talk nonsense. You lost your integrity when you can’t even tell your boss that transferring money as donation to his personal account, is corruption under the MACC Act 2009.

2Kali5: Only a retarded mind will equate transparency and openness to pornography. The former is being honest whilst the latter is nothing but filth. How can being honest be equated with filth?

Justine Gow: What is he talking about the government being "naked?" With the lack of transparency and accountability, the national treasury will be truly naked soon, left with nothing.

Hang Babeuf: We are not looking for a film censor. We want people who can assure, promote and protect probity in government and public affairs. Get back to your proper job.

Well Thats Fantastic: Low is actually saying that the truth is utterly obscene.

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