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YOURSAY ‘Not bending the law, but more like ‘breaking’ the law with impunity.’

Bending the law in Bolehland

Pemerhati: Cheng Poh Heng’s article would be appreciated by the legal authorities in countries where there is rule of law.

But in Malaysia it is tantamount to casting pearls before swine. Since Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s premiership, the ruling BN government has repeatedly shown that the country’s laws are meant only for the ordinary people and the opposition. BN leaders, their families, friends and cronies are apparently exempted from them.

We saw how an allegedly paedophile Umno chief minister was not charged with rape but instead Lim Guan Eng ended up in prison for highlighting the issue. Later the police and the attorney-general (AG) protected a VIP in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case.

Most shockingly and outrageously, the VIP sacked the AG for allegedly framing charges against him for breaking the laws.

Onyourtoes: To me there is no necessity to argue any longer whether the laws are adequate to handle the situation we are in today.

The adequacy of laws and the need for political funding reforms are just hogwash and bulls**t. If we continue to talk about all these, we are effectively playing into their hands.

In Bolehland it is selective investigation, selective prosecution and selective judgment that is causing all the problems. It is more of a rule of law issue.

Just ask yourself a simple question: What you think would happen if DAP has received just RM2.6 million (not billion) from a foreign country and the money is found in Lim Kit Siang’s personal account which subsequently was closed and the money was never accounted for?

What do you think the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the police, Bank Negara and the Registrar of Societies will do to DAP and Lim Kit Siang given the same laws as existing today?

Swipenter: Very enlightening article. Thank you Cheng Poh Heng. If you ask me, Umno and its president are not ‘bending the law’, it is more like ‘breaking’ the law with impunity.

The failure to adhere to or disregard completely the rule of law is one definite sign of a failed state, amongst others.

Najib Abdul Razak the student has outdone his once-master, Mahathir. The student is now more skillful than his master in bending the laws and subverting public institutions to work for him and his party.

Haveagreatday: Thank you, Cheng, for providing all the legal rebuttals to the spin given by Najib and his minions.

Even though, the AG or the MACC refuses to act against him for the transgressions of the relevant laws, he cannot hold his head up high in the company of moral people.

Hytan: Many have written about the offences which he may have committed under the Societies Act but till now there is no news on any report filed by Umno members with the authorities on the said breaches.

Where are the right-minded, honest and creditable individuals amongst the three million members in Umno?

Watchtower: Too bad, there are just too few good men nowadays. That was what our neighbour needed and what a difference it makes 50 years later.

Negaraku01: Don't hope for a hero to save us. Let's be the hero!

SRMan: Legally, Najib might have got away with the ludicrous story of the so-called donation. But morally, in the eyes of many rakyat and the world over, Najib's reputation is in tatters, down in the dumps.

Whatever he had said to assure the investors, all had come to naught. The currency is plummeting and stocks are tumbling.

Anonymous_1417355441: A very well-researched and well-written article. Thanks, Cheng Poh Heng. But as long as Bolehland remains as Bolehland, people like Cheng will not be appointed as the AG.

Jiminy Qrikert: Najib allegedly pockets RM2.6 billion. Dr M allegedly pocketed RM6 billion.

Did this money filter down to each and every Malay in this country? Or, did it somehow make its way into the pockets of just a small circle of Umno-BN cronies? And what did the Malays and the rest of the rakyat get? Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M).

Wake up all you. Get rid of Umno. Or watch Malaysia slowly, slowly disintegrate. When that happens, everyone suffers but the Malays will suffer the most because they are the least prepared for such a catastrophe.

Only Malays can save Malaysia. The Chinese cannot save Malaysia. If they tried, the Malays will hang them for attempting to displace the tuans of Tanah Melayu.

It's Catch 22 for Chinese - don't save Malaysia, sure die but save Malaysia, also sure die. It's also Catch 22 for the Malays - defend Umno, Umno robs them blind; kill Umno, ‘ketuanan Melayu’ dies.

But better Umno and ‘ketuanan Melayu’ die than Malaysia because when Malaysia dies, everything dies.

N1: Yes, a well-written article. I wonder why we do not have people in the public sector who understand law like Cheng Poh Heng.

Headhunter: They should now change the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ moniker to ‘Malaysia Semua Boleh Buat’.

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