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Putrajaya no longer has monopoly on truth

YOURSAY ‘But the tramp of totalitarian boots is getting louder.’

Putrajaya wants social media to cull 'false news'                               

Angry_Voter: I feel sorry for those working at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) having to take instructions from Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak.

Join Bersih 4 to help get rid of him.

Eyespye: Facebook, Twitter and Google played pivotal roles in realising the aspirations of protesters during the Arab Spring. Why does the minister imagine that these enabling technologies and platforms would bow to a government bent on silencing its critics?

Gunnerrun: Yes, like Google, FB and Twitter got nothing better to do than add to their already mountainous burden to help you monitor their users.

It's up to the readers to discern if the information is accurate or otherwise. If these sites start filtering messages, that will be end of freedom of speech and their very existence.

If they ever entertain the request from this country for censorship, then all other countries will want the same assistance as well.

By the way, how can they trust your information in the first place just because of your say-so?

Anonymous_1408265047: The tramp of totalitarian boots in the middle of the night is getting louder. All the signs are there. These signs are being read and heard worldwide and to say that Malaysia is 'on the nose' is an understatement.

It is all very sad really, because properly run, Malaysia could be one of the richest nations on earth. All the great things it has going for it, like diversity in population, natural resources, etc, are being used to bring it down.

Diversity has become division. Natural resources are being plundered and so on. The foundations of these problems were not poured by the present regime, but they have continued to build on them.

Stopping people from having a contrary opinion from those in power is a major step back and to do so on the basis of what is true and what is not is really ironic.

Anonymous_1421806811: We should actually thank Salleh for this. Eventually the social media platform providers will only list truthful information, which means all the garbage posted by BN's cyber troopers will be removed.

Yap CS: Yes, Facebook, Google and Twitter should ban and prevent from circulating the false news, nonsense, rumours and slanders spread by Umno goons.

Malaysia Ku: First it was The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). WSJ lawyers stood by their article. The legal challenge fizzled out.

Next was the Xavier Andre Justo affair. The Thais told inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar to mind his own business.

Then the Sarawak Report saga, trying to get Interpol and Aseanpol involved. The home minister and the inspector-general of police (IGP) were told to fly kites.

Now, how would Facebook and Twitter respond to Putrajaya's request to censor comments unfavourable to this regime? Crawl back into your hole of deceit? The tragi-comedy never ends in Malaysia.

Whatsup: Indeed, would Facebook, Google and Twitter become Umno-BN government's media platform providers in spreading Umno's 'false information and rumours' instead?

Wg321: Umno cybertroopers are spreading "false information and rumours" in Malaysiakini and other news portals, too.

However, Malaysiakini readers have the intelligence to filter them out because of their poor English and the lack of substance in their arguments and comments.

Maybe, Salleh should employed highly intelligent Oxford-trained Umno cyber troopers with CGPA 3.85 in their online war against the opposition, instead of banning the social media. Perhaps, Umno should re-hire Lim Kok Wing again.

Anonymous #523894157: When I listen to RTM’s radio news broadcast, I am amused by how they twist the whole truth and dump it on the rakyat. Pity the rakyat who have to listen to this garbage every day.

Anonymous #523894157: You can start by stopping issuing false news. You can't hide fire in your pocket.

Basically: I'd like to know what the minister's definition of false news is. For example, news that the Malaysian ringgit is doing well is obviously false, looking at the exchange rates.

Similarly, news that PM is doing a good job, 1MDB can pay off its debts, are all false news, from looking at the financial reports. Well?

Despairing Malaysian: Yes, by whose definition is the news false? Yours? BN’s? The masses? You seek to control the masses. The Pandora's box has been opened already. Duh.

BH Yap: What Salleh means is he wants Twitter and Facebook to help him in propagating his version of the truth, which few people believe.

Righteous: "Our truth is Umno's false news, their lies are supposed to be our truth.” Go digest that.

SusahKes: Relax, folks, the man is just trying to live up to his job description. He must show the boss that he is working.

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