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Note to cops: Joe Public, not criminals, in Bersih 4

YOURSAY ‘Whether they use Tasers or not, I am going to Bersih 4.’

Police won't use Tasers for Bersih 4 rally

Monty: The deputy IGP (inspector-general of police) is as bad as his boss. They now have weapons in their arsenal which they don't even know how to use or when to use them.

First off, Noor Rashid Ibrahim should know that people can die from Tasers even if the officers have been trained how to use these stun guns.

Secondly, Tasers are not designed to be used against protesters but against those who behave violently, generally people posing a risk to the public or police officers.

So Noor Rashid, if your men use these Tasers on rally attendees, be prepared for criminal action taken against you. But of course you already know that already.

What you are really trying to do is scare Malaysians from attending the Bersih rally this weekend. Shame on you. Your behaviour is unbecoming of your position as a senior police officer.

Legit: I am 60 plus and I have heart illness. Whether they use Tasers or not, I am going to Bersih 4. I do not mind dying for a good cause. The nation's good comes first.

Peacemaker: The deputy IGP flatters himself when he claims "police allow for freedom of expression as well as freedom of movement".

These freedoms are constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and not concessions handed out by the police. Even the police have to abide by the constitution.

Nil: Not only Tasers should not be used, all riot control tactics should not be employed either. The Bersih 4 rally is a peaceful protest. The police should be there to assist and help maintain order.

Pisasu 7: The people who will march this weekend are from different walks of life. Many are 50 years and above and take part because the policies of this unpopular government do not have the support of the majority.

Sixty percent of MPs probably used ‘tainted’ money to get elected, especially in the villages where ignorant folk were given goodies.

Using Taser guns can cause death to those who are prone to high blood pressure or other ailments. Use them on criminals, not protesters who did not take donations from Arabs.

SRMan: DIGP Noor Rashid, how well are your men trained to use the Taser guns?

Although you have said that it has been proven scientifically that the guns would paralyse anyone - whether a protester or a criminal - temporarily, what if more shots than required were accidentally or intentionally fired? Will that kill or permanently paralyse the target?

Do not forget the incident where a supposedly experienced policeman needlessly fired 21 shots at a young 'suspect' Aminulrasyid Amzah, a 14-year-old school boy, some years back.

SameSame: One minute they say they are using Tasers and another (after getting slammed) they say they are not. This is the type of police we have.

Bersih 4 rally – cops say they may use tasers

Commentable: The police have a duty to use only reasonable force on a suspect (it does not matter what crime he is suspected of). The police use of force may be unlawful if it is found to be 'excessive'.

It goes without saying that the use of Taser guns on unarmed rally goers is excessive.

Real Truth: Beware of undesirable elements in uniform triggering a riot situation.

Rally participants are advised to look out for people who will create unnecessary commotion in order for those in uniform to take drastic action against peaceful rally goers.

Be calm, be responsible, be cooperative.

Sinner: Someone please find out how much they paid for this stun gun and how much it should be.

Anonymous #33227154: According to this website , a Taser X26C costs US$999.99. It has a range of 15 feet. A police-grade taser with a 35 feet range will be much more expensive.

I hope this is not an excuse to use the people's money to buy things.

Bijan: It seems that the police are expecting a riot, or they are inviting one? All these while, without police interference, the demonstrations went on smoothly without incident.

Devon: The police seem bent on provoking the people into violent retaliation. People really need to follow Mahatma Gandhi's advice on non-violent demonstration in the face of police brutality.

It is apparently their aim to make Bersih participants appear violent. I expect another group of anti-Bersih demonstrators (perhaps paid) to violently attack the Bersih participants for the same reason.

Common Good of Society: I see this as police intimidation. Bear in mind that the rakyat have a limit to their patience.

The Bersih 4 rally is a peaceful rally, and by all provisions of the laws, is perfectly legal. I hope the police will respect the law and act professionally.

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