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Not only two Najibs, but there are two Malaysias

YOURSAY ‘There is a Malaysia which Malaysians are desperate to escape from.’

Internationally, it's game over for Najib

Kim Quek: First, I would pay tribute to former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott as a true friend of Malaysia, whose love for this country has been reflected in his continuing critical comments as well as advocacy for better governance for this country, despite having left us for many years.

In this article, he has very ably unmasked Najib Abdul Razak’s fake image as a democrat and reformer. In fact, it has always been clear to me that Najib is basically an opportunist with no strong political conviction or courage.

True that he had at one time tried to veer the country towards the middle - prompted purely by his long-term political interests - but soon buckled due to his own weaknesses. Thereafter, he put on the reverse gear and had driven the country to the current chaotic state.

However, our focus must not be on Najib’s failure alone. Our failure as a nation is much more deep-rooted. It is the culmination of decades of misrule under the political hegemony of Umno.

Hence, we must be very clear at all times that it is the eradication of the ill fruits of Umno that we must concentrate our energy on.

The Bersih 4 rally this weekend offers a golden opportunity for all Malaysians to come out and make their loudest collective voice heard across the nation so that even the normally dormant masses can be awakened to the urgent need for sweeping changes to save the country from sinking further.

CQ Muar: This is by far the most detailed and frank article ever written about PM Najib Abdul Razak. Nothing was spared, and couldn't be more true and revealing.

The whole world should now know all about this ‘celebrated stage performer’ articulating his frivolous fancy and lies about this country during his world trips.

Malott, with this exposure, the bulk of Malaysians will appreciate and thank you for your revelation, and in more ways than one, will jolt those who are still not awake to the reality in this country called Malaysia.

Henceforth, it's checkmate ahead for Najib. His deceptive game is as good as over. For this, we salute you, Malott, for the exceptional and candid view.

Abasir: As I've said before, the incumbent PM is very much like a fake Rolex you may pick up at a ‘pasar malam’ (night market).

It looks like the real thing, for a while. It will fool even the most discerning connoisseur. Over time, however, it reveals what it really is - a piece of trash to be discarded and forgotten.

Frank: The truth is not only that there are two Najibs, but also that for decades now they are two Malaysias - the one on some official documents versus the one that most foreigners do not see and quite a significant section of the people in Malaysia has refused to acknowledge.

The documented Malaysia is beautifully made-up and has pretty much profited the power elite versus the real but not-so-hidden Malaysia which Malaysians who struggle to bring food to the table are so desperate to escape from. And for some months now the land beloved by many is crying for help.

It is now time to give a helping hand to the winds of change - and history book written years from now will document your assistance. Where are you, the sons and daughters of Malaysia?

Fair Play: The headline of this article, 'Internationally, it's game over for Najib' is so true. But domestically, it might also signal the possible end of the Umno hegemony in the political scene.

After more than 50 plus years in power, they had lost all moral ground to lead the majority community of the nation.

May I ask what has ‘ketuanan’ Umno done, apart from creating a few super rich and entrenching the concentration of power within a small inner circle, to uplift the economic status of those they claim to represent?

Negarawan: "Najib spent untold millions on PR firms Apco and FBC Media," writes Malott.

Generally, the Umno-BN cabinet ministers spend millions on hiring foreign consultants. These ministers make up for their own incompetencies through these expensive consultants.

It is not a surprise therefore that many of the Malaysian government’s decisions and public policies are half-baked and unsuccessful because these consultants do not understand the local history, context and culture.

Like Apco and FBC, these consultants are out to make a quick buck, and it is easy for them because these incompetent ministers are gullible enough to accept whatever they churn out.

No wonder people like Paul Stadlen (PR adviser of Najib, formerly from Apco) can afford to enjoy luxurious lives in Malaysia.

In Singapore, their ministers are selected from among the most qualified professionals and intellectuals, and they form their own public policies and make their own decisions, without the need for any consultant.

Jaycee: Malott, you are spot on. Our PM does not "walk his talk". He lacks decency and integrity is not part of his vocabulary.

He talks about 1Malaysia and then backs race-based policies and champions Malay rights. He spins lies after lies and tells half-truths, and insists that he has done nothing wrong.

Unafraid: Yes, the common folk who come out to walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur peacefully this weekend to make a statement and to register their disgust, will be water-cannoned and beaten up by the police.

But to all these brave people of all ages and races, it is a cause worth suffering for. We do this not only for our beloved nation but also for our children so that years later, mum and dad can proudly tell them, we walked for their future.

May God hear our cries and restore our country back to the values and fundamentals of our founding fathers on this Merdeka weekend.

Kee Thuan Chye: In an earlier article he wrote in Malaysiakini , Malott pooh-poohed Bersih 4, saying, “The leaders of Bersih 4 and others who think that street demonstrations will force him (Najib) to resign are naive.”

He also said the leaders of Bersih had lost their way. But now in this new article, he seems to give it significance. He ends his article by saying that Bersih 4 will show “It truly will be game over for Najib”. Which is the real John Malott?

John Malott: Kee Thuan Chye, I don't see a contradiction. My point is that when Najib sends the police to smash heads and tear gas people, the world will understand who he really is.

As for Bersih, I supported the first Bersih rally and wrote an op-ed in support in The Wall Street Journal in 2011. I supported Bersih 2 in 2012. There is a video online of me, when I joined the protest here in Washington DC.

I said that as a foreigner, it is not up to me to say who should form Malaysia's government, but as a citizen of a democracy, I believe in free and fair elections. As for Bersih 4, as a foreigner I cannot support it.

Maria Chin Abdullah says its objective is to demand that Najib step down. That takes Bersih away from its original "neutral" goal of free and fair elections and turns it towards a partisan political objective.

There is no international human rights organisation or foreign government that would take sides and give support to such a partisan objective. It is up to you all.

SusahKes: Well, Malott, you know you're on the right track when the cyber idiots show up. Thanks for speaking up for Malaysia, once again.

PS. If Najib managed to fool US President Barack Obama so easily, then I wonder, for example, what about the Iranians?

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