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Rumah Api detainees released - except for two

Most of the 100 or so detained at alternative entertainment venue, Rumah Api in Ampang, on Friday night were released from the Ampang district police station on police bail today.

Only two, an Indonesian and a Filipino, are still being detained as they are having difficulties producing their documents to the police.

One of their lawyers, Farez Jinnah, said they are trying to contact their embassies to assist the two right now.

"The Filipino Embassy is sending someone over right now, but we're having difficulty contacting the Indonesian Embassy," Farez told Malaysiakini .

As of now, no charges have been brought against those who had been detained, he said.

"There is no real indication at all as to whether they will be charged with any offence," Farez said.

They were all detained under Section 143 of the Penal Code, Section (4)(1)(b) of the Sedition Act and Section 6 of the Selangor Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Enactment.

These people were arrested when the police raided Rumah Api around 11.30pm last Friday.

The police raided the place during a performance by the band Virginia on Duty at the 'Party Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow' event, which also featured Carburetor Dung, Blind Tribe and Badass Farmer.

Five foreigners, from America, Germany, Spain, Indonesia and the Philippines were among those arrested in the raid.

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