Should Bersih apologise for ‘feet on Hadi’s photo’?

YOURSAY ‘Bersih had nothing to do, or knew anything of stomping on PAS chief’s image.’

Feet on Hadi's photo – Bersih 'outraged' but won't apologise

Justine Gow: I don't condone the action of those youngsters. But I agree with Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah that Bersih does not have to apologise.

The most it should do is to say that it regrets such an incident which was not part of its programme, and had happened without its knowledge during the rally.

Anon1: It was a stupid and pointless gesture usually linked with uncultured and uneducated lowlife. It’s best that those responsible for this see the folly of their actions and abstain from such acts in future.

Bersih need not apologise since it wasn't an instruction from it to act in that manner.

Anonymous_1372741039: Someone is trying to create enmity between Bersih and PAS and I truly believe that it wasn't Bersih. Some undesirable elements are trying to put a wedge between these two.

Bersih has no political inclinations. Certainly it wasn't Bersih who planted the picture of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang there. Who did that is a mystery.

There are those who dislike Bersih and that is understandable. Even their rally marchers were deliberately poisoned with spiked drinks and firecrackers were let off.

Certainly, it was not the work of Bersih marchers. For Bersih to apologise is tantamount to admitting guilt. We hope Hadi will realise the possibility of hidden hands at work.

Anonymous 5783290: Unless there are legal implications of Hadi using the apology as an admission of guilt to sue Bersih organisers, Bersih should be magnanimous and noble and apologise on behalf of the few hooligans.

Maybe the hooligans were agent provocateurs or maybe there were a few deviant ones in a crowd of a few hundred thousand.

Whatever the case, Bersih would look noble and decent by taking responsibility and apologising. It would be a public relations coup for Bersih.

This stomping is nothing new. Previously in Penang, some Umno members had stomped on former chief minister Koh Tsu Koon's portrait.

Bobster: It seems like stepping on a photo is a bigger sin than the US$700 million scandal.

Some of these low-minded people like former minister Zaid Ibrahim are really great in trying to divert attention from the main issues brought up by Bersih.

Zaid even dared to appear in Bersih 4 with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It’s better for Zaid to apologise for hijacking the event and make his stand on Bersih 4. Really, what is his agenda?

Buttman: We just have to be patient with slow learners whose minds cannot as yet comprehend anything apart from the simplistic and infantile ideology of ‘tempurungism’ (small-mindedness).

That's why they cannot discuss larger issues with a measure of intellectual maturity, but will continue to zoom in on imagined insults, in an attempt to save face, after the shock of seeing such a colossal turnout at Bersih 4.

Gaji Buta: A true religious leader would have spoken up by now and said: “I must have done something wrong to upset the girl. Please forgive me if that is the case. I hope she or others will be able to point out my shortcomings so that I can correct myself.”

Or something to that effect. But who am I kidding?

N1: PAS needs to produce four witnesses at the scene before making any accusations. This is according to Hadi's law. So those PAS members making the accusations should be punished by the party.

Anonymous_1421806811: Please apologise. This act was an insult. There is nothing wrong with apologising. It shows maturity.

RCZ: Ask Najib to pay from the RM2.6 billion, if there is any damage. After all, it is rakyat’s money. As for stepping on the picture, can everyone grow up please?

These things happen and just accept that it is a way of people expressing their feelings like burning effigies, posters, banners, painting one’s face, etc.

Like Umno redshirts cracking tiles with their thick skulls and wielding parangs. They wish to intimidate and did those things. So what? No one was intimidated.

Whatshappening: Bersih is clean. Some idiots were out there to create problems because the event was successful in the sense that it was peaceful, everyone was well behaved, and it was a gathering of the rakyat of all races.

The people who are all out to incite hatred; beware, god is watching you.

Despairing Malaysian: What about asking those fellas to apologise for showing their butts to Ambiga?

Anonymous: Remember some Umnoputera urinated on Lim Guan Eng's photo? Remember a few days ago Maria's photo was burnt? How come no one asked for apologies? Why was no one charged?

Gaji Buta: Oops, almost forgot another famous argument - So what? There was no actual physical harm caused.

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