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Will PM pick up gauntlet thrown by Hershman?

YOURSAY ‘I am still willing to believe in Najib, but he has got to tell the truth.’

Tunku Aziz: TI head's criticism of Najib is ill-informed

Milosevic: So does it appear that the former head of the Malaysian chapter of Transparency International, Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, has found religion - that it is important to always have a balanced viewpoint?

Does it mean he now regrets and eschews his previous statements :

1. "That the Chinese have never identified with Merdeka through our 58 years of independence is not in dispute."

2. "But this provocative and racially insensitive act (i.e. Bersih) is arrogant by any reckoning and something that I will long remember as a deliberate challenge to Malay sentiments and sensitivities."

Or is he the self-deluded and opportunistic low life that engages in situational logic and ethics? That is to say, he sees his one-sidedness as actually enlightenment and the positions of his democratic and anti-corruption opponents as one-sided and extremist.

He must be well-rewarded to want to degrade and shame himself in such a one-sided, transparent manner - Transparency International (TI) taught him to make his opportunism transparent internationally. That much he learned.

Commentable: Here comes another PM Najib Razak's "shock absorber" - trying to outclass and out-spring the others. Alas, this old absorber is way past his expiry date and should be retired for good.

Only God knows why Najib needs so many shock absorbers, all waiting in line for the cue to take away the bumps and jolts as Najib rides through the choppy road ahead.

He could have opted for a smoother ride by taking the honest road, which is easy. Just explain himself personally to the audience at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) and tell everyone there as to why he is innocent.

So Najib, why do you need Tunku Aziz to defend you or Integrity Minister Paul Low to make excuses for you? Remember, only an innocent man is not afraid of the dark.

TI co-founder Michael Hershman said, “I am still willing to believe in Najib, but he has got to tell the truth”. To me, it sounds like he has thrown you a challenge. Are you going to take it?

Azzat Kamaludin: Quite a pathetic creature this. By saying the TI president Jose Ugaz "should have taken the trouble to give a balanced view by asking people who are informed about this" he probably means himself as member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) advisory board.

He should have arranged for the TI president to meet with prime minister, who is not only informed, but knows all about the corruption crisis and have all the answers.

Odin Tajué: Tunku Aziz, you are definitely not at all qualified to speak on the matter at hand, as you are clearly not in possession of the capacity to think logically.

Ugaz's contention was certainly not just an opinion based on unconfirmed reports. The abrupt removal and harassment of persons involved in the probes into the alleged corruption committed on a grand scale, the declaring of one of the investigating corps as illegal and disbanding of same, the confiscating of documents and laptops owned by some of those involved in the probes, the raiding of offices and homes of some of those involved in the probes, and the stalling of all probes have actually happened.

The matter has come to the knowledge of and publicised by news media. There is no confirmation needed. Obviously, you are either unaware of all that has happened or you have chosen to be ignorant of it all.

The former is unlikely; the latter is a 99"999% possibility - and we don't even have to think to figure out the reason for you having done that.

Najib's moves are the unassailable, indubitable confirmation of the veracity of the exposés published by the Sarawak Report , The Edge and The Wall Street Journal . His fear of being present at the IACC forum is further confirmation.

If the exposés were baseless, there would have been absolutely no need for him to have instituted the various actions already mentioned, for the simple reason that any and all probes would clear him of any wrongdoings, and he would have had nothing to fear from the participants of the forum either.

But he was, and still is, afraid, as he is allegedly guilty of serious misdemeanours.

All that, Abdul Aziz, is clearer than daylight to us. Your regurgitating of your puerile, fatuous oral diarrhoea has gained for you nothing but the feeling of utter disgust and revulsion we have for you. You are well-advised to just shut up and forever hold your peace.

SRMan: Tunku Aziz, since you have insisted that Ugaz's view was only one side of the story and that he should have taken the trouble to give a balanced view by asking people who are informed about this, pray tell us who these informed people are.

Ex-DPM Muhyiddin Yassin? Even he was in the dark about the RM2.6 billion. Ask tycoon Jho Low? His whereabouts are unknown. And even if you could get him, will he reveal the truth?

And when Najib finally came up with a belated story about an Arab donor, we could only dismiss it as a fascinating Arabian tale. But several Umno leaders queued up to offer a different story - the money was for fighting IS (Islamic State), then DAP and then the Jews.

And when Najib made the moves of sacking the attorney-general who was critical of the government, suspending the 1MDB task force, arresting or transferring MACC investigators and suspending newspapers for reporting on the matter, Najib has already delivered the verdict on himself - guilty.

Anonymous #32557251: Whatever it is, why can't the interested party just step up and clear the air? We, the citizens are all behind our leader if his integrity and trustworthiness are both proven - we are definitely proud of that if that is so.

Hiding behind your bouncers/bodyguards only "enhance" the suspicion everybody is having now.

Buttman: I used to read Tunku Aziz's political columns when he was with DAP. He expressed sensible views and spoke up for democratic freedoms and against injustice. Then he had a spat with DAP leader Lim Guan Eng and left the party in a huff.

Since then Tunku Aziz is a whole different entity - almost as if somebody took over his body and began using it as a propaganda device against DAP and opposition leaders.

No one is buying Najib’s Arabian tale

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