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For Najib, it’s a case of catch me if you dare

YOURSAY ‘Najib cannot tell the truth as it would lead him to be charged and jailed.’

Is RM2.6b grand corruption or donation, Amnesty asks Najib

Kim Quek: All the top leaders in the world’s most prestigious international anti-corruption conference have virtually been accusing PM Najib Razak of grand corruption for days, and all he can do is to continue to keep his meek silence.

What does this tell us about our prime minister? Either he is guilty as charged or a useless dumb. Either way, he is not fit to be our prime minister.

And since leaders of Umno and other component parties seem hell-bent to support Najib’s leadership despite such glaring failure, what conclusion can we draw other than that they are all in the same boat?

Is this the kind of political leadership that we want to lead us into the future?

RM2.6billion Duit Haram: Is it a grand corruption or donation? All sane Malaysians would say it is the former without a doubt.

Why? If is the latter, Najib will not shy away from those simple questions like its source and where the remaining fund has gone.

He had trumpeted his feats such as playing golf with United States President Barack Obama to the whole world.

Therefore, in this issue, he would have faced probing questions like a Bugis warrior and at the same time, stage a counter attack against his critics, especially former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

No, it is not to be. So what conclusion can one make out of his queer behaviour, unbecoming of a leader?

Odin Tajué: Amnesty International secretary-general Salil Shetty, I shall answer you, for the bogus Bugis warrior wannabe is too yellow to say anything.

Yes, it is grand corruption. Were the money a donation, he would have revealed who it came from, how the US$31 million from it was spent, and where exactly the alleged balance of US$650 million is now.

Besides, no one, no matter how wealthy, would donate that kind of money. And besides, his minions have been giving explanations that were not only totally implausible but different from one another as well. They all are just a bunch of imbecilic crooks.

Myrights: Be careful, Amnesty International’s Salil. They may spin the whole thing and charge you for seditious comments for challenging the rights of the Malay, even though you are directing this question at Najib alone. This is the how Umno operates.

Anonymous_3e79: Najib cannot tell the truth as it would lead him to be charged and jailed. It's now a case of catch me if you can, or dare.

He will use all means of intimidation and bribery to control institutions such as the courts, banks, the enforcement authorities (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, attorney-general, police) to avoid prosecution.

Negarawan: Transparency International (TI) must push for the Swiss and US government to expedite the investigations into 1MDB, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

With the proceedings of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) conference published worldwide, it will help to raise the awareness of the international community on the corrupt Umno regime and the leadership in Malaysia, and for appropriate actions to be taken against the regime.

Pahatian: In making Putrajaya the host to the 16th IACC, the PM would have thought that it could shore up his and the nation's image and also as a cover-up to all his alleged corrupt practices.

Never did he know that it would backfire on him. With the expose of the 1MDB scandal and the US$700 million donation, he now has nowhere to hide. It has become a shame on him and the nation.

Roy69: All you people are jealous of my PM because he is a billionaire and you are not. He has a babe for a wife while you people have ugly fatties.

He is an international star (where a generous Arab gave the kind of donation which Obama can't even get) while you people are nobodies. He is a hero to our rakyat whilst you are nothing...

Najib can't hide RM2.6b in digital age: Foreign delegate

Res Ipsa: I agreed that certain 1MBD elements in comparison to the Watergate scandal may be missing here but notwithstanding the dragging of feet by our AG to expedite investigations/prosecute the guilty party, and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) being disabled, there are certain other elements in the Malaysian scandal that may still result in the desired conclusion.

For one, we have members of the opposition filing a civil suit against Najib to declare the results of GE13 void for excessive money politics.

Discovery orders against various financial institutions have been obtained and the law firm representing the opposition leaders has obviously accelerated matters, which would have caught the PM by surprise.

Apart from this, we have another suit from Anina, on behalf of Umno against Najib, which seeks the return of monies (2.5 billion) belonging to the party allegedly taken out of the country by Najib.

There are accounts frozen in Singapore and Switzerland where investigations are ongoing. We await the outcomes with bated breath.

Magnus: Relevant AGs, from past and present, must be publicly strung-up and made unforgettable examples of for failing in their important jobs and failing to act against suspected criminals and so, allowing lawlessness to fester and break down good governance, confidence and rule of law in Malaysia.

JD Lovrenciear: Is Barack Obama listening?

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