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YOURSAY 'Will you be leaving behind a Malaysia that’s better or worse?'

Wan Azizah joins call for emergency session over Najib criticisms

Anonymous_1419577444: An emergency parliamentary sitting won't happen, unless Umno lawmakers chip in.

Nehru: Thieves have no honest account. What do you expect the prime minister to confess, he may take out Parliament itself.

Malaysia's Ex Football Fan: I honestly believe that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had very good intentions in the early days of his prime ministership in reforming the system for the good of the country.

For some reason he has deviated from the righteous path and now is embroiled in the 1MDB scandal which has almost totally destroyed his reputation.

What a pity that this has happened to basically a good man. Mr PM, like all of us, you only live once. One day, when you leave this world, no one is going to remember how rich you had been. You are either going to be remembered for your evil deeds or the tremendous benefits brought about by you to the nation. By using your almost absolute power, you may continue to stay on as PM for a long time.

But one day when you leave this world, do you want to be remembered as the most corrupt PM Malaysia has ever had? Do you want to leave such legacy to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren?

Don’t you want them to remember you fondly and with great pride and to be able to hold their heads high just like the nation fondly remembers your late father, the respected and beloved Abdul Razak.

Why don’t you use that same power to do something that has a great and positive impact on the nation and enable history to remember you in a positive light?

I, for one, will be ever willing to give you second chance to make good as I believe you are basically a good and decent man who may have temporarily gone astray. Leave that unexplained USD700 million aside.

If you are willing to do the following good deeds for the nation during your remaining tenure as the PM, you will be remembered forever for them, and not the USD700 million or 1MDB scandals.

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad may appear to be a hero nowadays but the people must not forget that he has singlehandedly dismantled all the important institutions necessary for a functioning democracy.

Therefore if you use your power to restore to their original forms or strengthen these institutions, history will certainly remember you positively.

These institutions are:

a) Judiciary – make them genuinely independent of the executive;

b) MACC – make them truly independent by answerable only to parliament;

c) Police – make them truly independent of the executive;

d) Attorney-general – make him independent and answerable only to Parliament;

e) Election Commission – make them truly independent so that they have the authority and courage to conduct clean and fair elections;

Also reform the various institutions in charge of helping the poor, the have-nots and less fortunate citizens so that they do not function along racial and religious lines as poverty knows no racial or religious barriers;

Dismantle institutional racism and enact specific laws to act against anyone who incites racial hatred by words or deeds; Intensify the practice of meritocracy so that we will not be further left behind not only by the developed countries but also by our developing neighbours, who were once far less developed than us.

Our economic future depends on innovations and not on our petroleum and oil palm which we had once mistakenly thought would make us very rich by doing little as they “grow” from or was from the ground and once we control the land, we would control the wealth.

It is not too late to realise that brain power and human capital are pivotal to our nation’s future success; to harness the brain power we have to practise meritocracy irrespective of race, otherwise other countries will benefit from our brain power.

Mr Prime Minister, it calls for great personal sacrifice on your part to bring about the above-mentioned institutional reforms as it may bring about your prosecution for your misdeeds. However, please think of the legacy you will leave behind.

I really hope that you will right the wrongs and restore the people’s trust and respect for you, our honourable prime minister.

Ablastine: Sad, but I think no decent bank in the world would lend money to the Malaysian government or enterprise guaranteed by the Malaysian government any more.

They do not want the funds to go around the world and finally end up in the personal account of the top dog. Future generations will have no means to repay even the accumulated interest of the loan let alone its capital when the country has gone bankrupt, a direction that no doubt Malaysia is heading.

Casey: Najib is trapped in a dilemma, and the ambiguous answers offered by him and his cronies only serve to exacerbate an already bad situation.

The RM2.6 billion that was deposited into his personal account and later transferred to offshore accounts seem to be unchallenged and established facts.

The defence, as offered by himself or his cronies and agents, viz the RM2.6 billion was a donation to (1) Umno for fighting DAP and the Jews; and/or (2) the nation for fighting Isis. Even if true, it does not in any way exempt Najib of wrongdoing.

In fact, this explanation will only serve to subject him to the implication of the commitment of criminal breach of trust or CBT under the our Penal Code.

This is because of the presence of all the elements that constitute an offence of CBT under s.405 of the Penal Code. For it is obvious that if the RM2.6 billion was indeed a donation to Umno or the nation, Najib merely holds the money in trust for either of the former.

When a trust or a fiduciary having been established, it goes to show that Najib has dominion or control over the money.

Much more, he'd since transferred the money out from his personal account in Malaysia to the offshore accounts of himself or his accomplices, thereby causing a wrongful loss to the beneficiary, Umno or the nation, whichever the case may be; and consequently benefiting from a wrongful gain.

In sum, the elements of a crime of CBT under s. 405; that is to say, a trust of money or property, a dominion or control over it, and the act of misappropriation resulting in a wrongful loss and a wrongful gain, are all so obvious and conspicuous in these acts of Najib.

We live in a globalised world; a world of communication where no man is an island; where everyone gets information about everyone else. Whether you like it or not, as a sitting prime minister of a parliamentary democracy, Najib will be subjected to universal comparison with regard to the principles, ideals and standards as observed by his peers around the world.

Apart from being unable to offer a satisfactory answer to a reasonable person as regard to the RM2.6 billion, Najib was also implicated in the abuse of power to stifle dissenting voices through the sacking of deputies and party members, and the obstruction and interference in the due process of law.

Much worse, his personal bodyguards were found guilty in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, living behind an unsolved mystery surrounding the absence of the element of mens rea, or the motive that constitutes part of the crime.

Implicated by such shamefaced, hideous, and guilt-ridden acts against his own political party, the nation and its people, Najib has lost all his moral standing to continue as prime minister of Malaysia.

His scandalous absence from the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Putrajaya was a case in point. Had half the same guilt-ridden acts been committed by say, the American president, the British or the Australian or the Japanese prime minister, they'd have been forced to step down in humiliation, impeached or booted out by motion of no confidence.

Anonymous_3f6d: Thank you Najib. Now the Rahman prophecy will come true soon. The longer Najib stays on, the better the chances for Pakatan.

Senior: Umno members are right to defend the president but it's about the office, not the person.

If the post is dishonoured by the person and brought to disrepute, the person must be discarded to save the dignity of the post. But Najib had maneuvered to ensure that there will be no party elections for 18 months.

The Analyser: That's the sort of innovative approach Malaysia needs. Basically PKR has no idea what it's doing. It has no strategy to deal with Najib's crime and totally missed on the one opportunity they might have had to show what they have on offer to Malaysia.

Now that "the international organisations" have shown some initiative they think they might tag along. Where would this country be without Wall Street Journal , the Sarawak Report and the IACC?

Gaji Buta: I bet the PM will not show up for the next Parliament sitting.

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