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Poor Bersih’s neighbour, don't expect apology from minister

YOURSAY ‘Hundreds, if not thousands, found Bersih HQ to buy Bersih 4 T-shirts.’

Minister blames poor Bersih signage for billing boo-boo

SRMan: Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan, in stating that his officers went to the right address but had merely mistakenly photographed the house next door, is akin to a situation where he goes locating someone in a neighborhood - he finds the correct address but is unable to enter the house because he has mistakenly used the neighbour's door. Is that the ludicrous reason he is trying to tell us?

I fully agree with the Bersih chairperson's intended action in challenging the RM64,000 cleaning bill in court. As I have commented before, there were several volunteers at the rally collecting empty cans or plastic bottles.

There was hardly any litter on the roads. Bersih (clean) is not named ‘bersih’ for no reason. In fact, the organisers and participants should be commended for their civic consciousness.

The minister has instead tried to put Bersih organisers and rally-goers in a bad light.

2 cents: Point 1: Bersih is merely a coalition that depends on financial support from the public, and not a powerful political party that could raise US$700 million worth of "donation".

I would be worried if Bersih spends the limited funds that they receive from the public on large and fancy signboards at their office.

Point 2: The poor sense of direction of these local council personnel in locating Bersih office is a reflection of the poor sense of direction of the entire cabinet - we can't really depend on these clueless ministers to steer the country out of the mess that we are facing.

Now I believe Bersih's demands are justified.

Just Your Normal Rakyat: It is so embarrassing. It seems that our ministers like to make comments without first verifying the facts - “And this is the office of Bersih which doesn't look like "bersih" at all.”

What a cheap shot. If so many ordinary rakyat can locate the Bersih 2.0 headquarters, I find it ridiculous that our government officers are unable to do so.

Anonymous 122461436161429: Indeed, thousands found the Bersih office to buy the yellow T-shirts and they did not need big signage.

Cmfoo: Abdul Rahman, don't try to pin blame on those below you and others. This is the result of an ineffective leader when the simplest job of delivering an invoice can go to the wrong address.

Worst is when he himself, without checking facts, eager to find fault and jumped the gun in making a ridiculous accusation (that the house was dirty).

Dalvik: Given the fact that Abdul Rahman is BN strategic communications director, I am not surprised that he is good at ‘strategically communicate’ to divert our attention from this fiasco.

But let's face the fact, if he has issue getting his staff to find the right address, how effective can he do his job in the Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry?

Relevancy: Why does one need to have a big signage to say it is Bersih 2.0 in a residential area?

Of all people, one should know it is not a registered NGO but a coalition of NGOs. That tells our ministers do not have any understanding of anything.

Anonymous_1421806811: When people make mistakes, it is a sign of maturity that they apologise for their mistakes.

When people give excuses for their mistakes, it is a sign of arrogance. I guess this is what our leaders have become - arrogant, rude and dumb.

Tholu: The ‘1MDB Cover-up Syndrome’ has now segued into being the new modus operandi of the government in its administration of the country - to cover a fact or a lie, state another lie and another and another...

Abdul Rahman’s statement that "his officers went to the right address but had merely mistakenly photographed the house next door" reveals two things - either the officers were lackadaisical in carrying out their job (as is the case with most government servants) or the minister and his officers are operating under the contemporary ‘1MDB Cover-up Syndrome’ government administration procedures.

Vent: Instead of commending the citizens for their superb display of cooperation and civic mindedness, the government lackeys in their rage at being thumped by Bersih 2.0, have invented a ‘cleaning’ bill for them.

Why should Bersih 2.0 pay the wages of the DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) workers, who are paid to clean up the streets of Kuala Lumpur?

Vijay47: As we all know, Umno leaders are never wrong, it is always someone else's fault. Abdul Rahman, I am sure your parents must be very relieved that you do not blame them for your utter stupidity.

Roar For Truth: That's how Bersih is poor financially but rich morally. It can't afford thousands of dollars to put up a nice signboard.

Abdul Rahman, stop making excuses for your sloppiness. Hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens found Bersih HQ to buy Bersih 4 T-shirts.

True: There is nothing to be ashamed of - whether the house looks 'bersih' on the outside or not (even if it is Bersih's house) - as long as we live an honest life.

Our conscience is clear, we live within our budget no matter how marginal it is, not like some in the government - they look nice outside but are rotten and corrupted to the core inside.

Joe Lee: Bersih should be commended for cleaning up the site with a team of volunteers over the two-day rally. This is a highly responsible act on the part of a civil rights body. It is even better than the standards of European protesters.

Bersih should be congratulated by the DBKL. Instead it gets a RM65,000 clean-up bill. Indeed, DBKL should also get some advice from Bersih on how to clean up the city.

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