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A call to Malay M’sians to reject red shirt menace

COMMENT I am writing as a concerned Malaysian and as a responsible Muslim against the overt threats of those I will refer to as the RSMM - the Red Shirt Malay Menace.

I have no idea what the official name of this group is, so I am using my academic licence to call them RSMM. Were this a Bahasa Malaysia article, I would dub them MMTM - Melayu Merah Tiada Maruah.

But strangely enough, this article is not about the RSMM but more about the deafening silence from the Malay political leadership, the Malay leadership of public universities, the Malay ulama who are muftis, and the Malay leadership in one particular political group which claims to be the sole warriors of Islam.

From the first day that the activities of this group were reported in the media and online videos showing them as 'pahlawan' or warriors getting ready for battle, I have kept a close eye on not their childish statements and loud bravado but on who amongst the Malay elites of this country holding the bastion of power socially, religiously and politically would say about this group and their more-than-clear intention.

Fair enough, some of these elites have considered the Bersih 4 rally an illegal event bordering on 'biadab' for allegedly marring our National Day events. What is totally unacceptable and unfair is that many of these elites seem to agree to the suggestion that the rally is a 'Chinese-led' protest against the sanctity of Malay and Muslim governance in this country...

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