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Red shirts too have right to rally - but civilly

YOURSAY ‘They can support whoever they desire, so long it’s done peacefully.’

Let the red shirts rally, PKR veep urges police

The Mask: Yes, peaceful assembly is the right of every citizen. However I hope the police follow the same procedures as imposed on Bersih 4.

First, declare the rally illegal. Then ban the use of the red T-shirts. Then declare Low Yat out of bounds.

Finally get Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan to prepare a clean-up bill to be sent to the organisers. But I guess they don’t even have an address.

As for the business premises in Bukit Bintang and elsewhere, quickly fix CCTV cameras and prepare your forms for insurance claims, just in case.

Real Truth: Yes, let them have their say. If they want a corrupt leader, let it be. It is their right to support whoever they desire, as long as it is done peacefully.

Negara Saya: We bought our own Bersih T-shirts, donated our money, paid for public transport and spent our own money for the love of democracy, transparency, the country.

Let's see how many they can mobilise with their paid-for T-shirts, "allowance" money, and all the facilities provided.

I am sure the police will banned it as the powers-that-be knows that they will probably garner less than a few thousand supporters. Getting the police to ban it will save them from complete embarrassment.

The Analyser: This is the most intelligent comment to come out of "the opposition" in a long, long time. DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng should take some lessons on democracy from PKR vice-president Tian Chua.

Quite Plainly: Tian Chua makes good sense. Also, this is an opportunity to see how efficient the police are, should the 1Bugis pirate's supporters turn rowdy.

Maplesyrup: Just as the yellow shirts have right to rally, the red shirts should not be denied their rights.

But going by their posters, it is up to the police to (1) question those responsible for printing such seditious posters, and (2) ensure sufficient police presence to ensure no untoward incidents occur.

I will stay home and watch the news.

Tok Karut: DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) should send them a clean-up bill. We do expect the police to monitor their actions and speeches and investigate any breaches of law.

It is disappointing that the group would want to lay exclusive rights to the interpretation of "tanah tumpah darahku”. The phrase belongs to the nusantara and means "the land of my birth".

Headhunter: I agree with Tian Chua. The majority of Malays are reasonable and peaceful people and will not be siding with this lot. Let them relieve their pent-up emotions and earn some cash from Umno.

6th Generation Immigrant: The rally should be allowed to proceed for "those who are keen to participate". It shall then be an indicator (good or bad) of what the general public thinks of the present premier and his government.

While Bersih had nothing to do with race, it was coordinated and carried out with principles of democracy in tow.

On the other hand, the gathering of red shirts is a knee-jerk reaction with just one goal - a show of “Malay force".

MinahBulat: Yes, the red shirts should be given the permission to rally. But why did they choose Low Yat Plaza? Is because they want to show the Chinese their ‘ketuanan’ power?

Let them. Business will still go on and we welcome the silat demonstration. I am sure the tourism minister can promote Malaysia this way.

Anonymous_40f4: Actually the so-called red shirts are only those handful who shamed themselves in front of the then Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan’s house, attacked the DAP headquarters, did silat in front of Sogo, caused a ruckus in Low Yat.

They can’t gather more than 100, otherwise it will be too costly to pay everyone. The inspector-general of police (IGP) is doing them a favour by not allowing them to gather.

FellowMalaysian: Let the group shame themselves in the open streets and let the spectators watch their whimsical antics as they break tiles and bricks along the route.

After the event, minister Abdul Rahman can do the needful - send a cleaning bill.

Anonymous 2353861441183710: Do not be caught up with this self-generated racial smokescreen to cover up the missing billions and our nose-diving economy.

The main issues are the unanswered questions on 1MDB and the mysterious RM2.6 billion donation that defies belief.

Sabahan: I too agree that the red shirts be allowed, as I believe there will be very few of them and they will make idiots of themselves.

The few troublemakers have deliberately tried to create a racist scenario in order to have the police ban the rally. Then next time, the police will use this action to ban further Bersih rallies.

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