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As expected, IGP not taking up on Dr M’s dare

YOURSAY ‘Can you imagine the headline - ‘Mahathir arrested for attending rally in KL’?

Mahathir: Go ahead, arrest me

Ferdtan: Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has challenged you to arrest him.

Earlier you commented that the police might "go soft" on the 90-year-old as he is a statesman.

We know it is easy to threaten actions against ordinary people like the participants in Bersih 4. However, when it comes to Mahathir, you go weak in your knees.

Malaysians are laughing. The joke is on our police chief.

Bobster: Go arrest Mahathir. He should also be blamed for setting the foundation for the rot of the nation, prescribing the wrong medicine to the country, selecting wrong successors, putting in jail the wrongly accused, etc.

His legacy is destroying a young nation using race and religion when he was at the helm. Now his successors are following his footsteps. All should be arrested and put in jail, including former and current PMs.

The final legacy for Mahathir is to go to jail to wake up the 70 percent who still have a ‘tidak apa’ attitude even after 1MDB, the biggest scandal in the country’s history, exploded. The recent Bersih 4 turnout said it all.

Many don't really care and are still living in their comfort zone. They don't even bother whether the future of their sons and daughters, and that of their ‘cucu-cicit’ (future generation), will be affected for electing this regime.

ScandalCountry: Can you imagine the headline - ‘Former PM Mahathir arrested for attending rally in Kuala Lumpur’?

Oh Ya?: At least Mahathir is a ‘jantan’ (man) enough to repeat his allegations that Umno division heads are bribed but his nemesis, the deputy prime minister-cum-home minister and the inspector-general of police’s (IGP) cohort are not ‘jantan’ enough to arrest him.

They only dare to bully the opposition and dissidents.

Justine Gow: Whether you like him or not, Mahathir is not one who runs away from challenges. He takes the bull by the horns.

I couldn't help feeling amused when I read that he told them to go ahead and arrest him. This is a big contrast to the man who failed to turn up at scheduled forums because of "security reasons".

Angry Citizen: IGP, even if one person stood up for the truth, the truth does not become a lie.

Let the old man speak as he has much to undo of his own acts in the past, and that will be his redemption.

Fateh: Indeed, would anyone dare to arrest Mahathir, the mastermind of the system that Bolehland has today?

Anonymous #70881335: Dr M, you are not perfect, and like everyone else, I salute and admire you for taking a stand against the wrongs today.

Not many have your guts to do it. I thank you, and I only wish other upright Malaysians will do the same.

Anonymous Hotplate: If Mahathir is arrested, then all the speakers who spoke bad about our PM at the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) last week should also be arrested, too.

Only then can the police be said to be doing a fair and good job. The IGP should summon them to come to your station and hold them for questioning.

Show to the world that you're a genuine police officer and tell them, “Jangan main api” (don’t play with fire).

Magnus: Everyone is equal before the law which means that no one is above the law.

And someone should tell the police chief that Mahathir is not a ‘statesman’ to anyone who understands what that word really means.

Bluemountains: Statesman or not, if Mahathir has indeed committed an offence, he must be arrested. The police are indirectly admitting that there are two sets of laws in this country.

Monty: Even the IGP should know by now that Najib is being roundly condemned not just by Mahathir and other Umno leaders, but people from all sides of politics. Even the international community.

If there is anyone to be investigated it should be Najib. And disgustingly until today he has not given any explanation about the RM2.6 billion 'donation'.

And yet, he is happy to send out his henchmen to attack all who dare question him.

Mushiro: I noticed the IGP and all ministers are blindly supporting Najib. All their comments and actions the last many months are to save Najib. But unfortunately, they just cannot counter Mahathir's comments and actions.

SemoLina: Just a reminder, IGP, Mahathir’s favourites are kueh talam and cucur udang and he's okay with coffee or tea.

We won't arrest Mahathir: IGP

Anonymous$&@?: If the IGP dare not to arrest Dr M, then why bother to send an officer to make an appointment with him? Isn't this a ‘sandiwara’?

If it was DAP leader Lim Kit Siang who said what Dr M said, you can bet your life savings that the IGP would have already put Lim in jail on sedition charges.

The ordinary rakyat can see clearly despite the haze that there are two set of laws practiced by the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police). And yet they demand respect from the rakyat, who are their paymasters.

Kangkung: Why was Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli shoeless and shackled when you took him in for questioning? Are you trying to tell us that when a person is a "statesman", he should be given special treatment?

RM2.6billion Duit Haram: Khalid, the late IGP Abdul Rahman Hashim regarded the police badge as an honour, and with it, carries a very heavy responsibility.

Do you measure up to his standards? I think you are not even a 10th of his quality.

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