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To PM, Altantuya a ‘weapon of mass destruction’

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YOURSAY ‘Najib, please give one good reason why foreigners would want to topple you?’

Najib likens Altantuya murder 'revival' to Saddam ouster

Jesse: How he can so shamelessly go to the United Nations General Assembly and represent the nation with a straight face and preach his usual hypocritical visions is hard to stomach.

There are so many holes in the Altantuya Shaariibuu saga and the unanswered questions relating to the billions of ringgit in his private bank account. Professing innocence and conspiracy alone does not absolve himself from the allegations.

To claim an international conspiracy stretches the long bow even further, and he deludes himself as a statesman of international stature. In reality, he is only a chick who loves power and the good life.

Anonymous 350791436750385: PM Najib Razak, you claimed you are wrongly accused but how come you are not interested in getting to the bottom of the Altantuya case since doing so will prove all your critics wrong.

There is no doubt you have the authority and resources to unravel the truth and yet instead of doing that you try so hard to cover up the entire matter.

You assume Malaysians and the rest of the world are stupid but to us it is as clear as day that you are not only culpable but a key player in the saga.

Odin Tajué: Najib, I will first answer your pertinent assertions. The others are extraneous. “This (Altantuya) case has already sunk for so many years and now it floats again,” you said.

That happens because there has been no closure. There is no reason whatsoever for the two men obviously made to carry the can to have simply driven to Damansara Heights, abducted Altantuya, taken her to a forest, shot her, and blown up her remains.

They must have been ordered by someone to do all that. Who was that someone?

Until that someone is known and brought to justice - real justice and not the sort rendered by a kangaroo court - this case will keep rising to the surface. Only you can keep it sunk permanently.

You stated that you had never met Altantuya and that your predecessor would not have allowed you to become prime minister if that was true.

Answer: First, your predecessor was in no position to allow or to disallow you to become prime minister. He himself was at that time pressured to go. Only imbeciles would not be able to come to that conclusion.

Second, you not knowing or not having ever met Altantuya does not diminish, and never mind nullify, your culpability. Neither have the two men known nor met Altantuya, but yet they annihilated her.

Now I will ask you three questions:

1) Who had the authority to order the release of the C4 explosives used by the two men?

2) Who had the authority to order the Immigration officers to remove from their system the detail pertaining to the ingress of Altantuya into Malaysia?

3) Who was in authority sufficiently high to have gained access into the Defence Ministry's highly confidential information, particularly pertaining to naval defence requirements?

These are one and the same person. He was the one who either ordered the total annihilation of Altantuya or abetted in the heinous crime. Who was the person?

SSDhaliwal: Najib, comparing yourself to Saddam Hussein, a murderous psychopath, is a grim admission of some sorts.

Why didn't you compare yourself to Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi? They were wrongly persecuted too and imprisoned or put under house arrest for fighting for the people.

It just shows that your hypocrisy only goes so far and you know that you are no liberator or saviour of any kind except your own skin.

Anon 888: If Najib believes that the revival of the Altantuya murder is part of a foreign plot to topple him, then the best legal remedy for him is to sue Al Jazeera in an Arabian court.

Najib previously stated that he intended to sue Sarawak Report and also The Wall Street Journal for the same reason. But for reasons only known to himself, he had failed to do so even up to today.

His failure to keep to his words most probably indicated that he has something guilty to hide or he is not as innocent as he had claimed.

If he again repeats the same omission by not clearing his name through the court, he is then confirming to the whole world that he definitely is guilty of some dastardly crime.

Anonymous 2358311441466692: By now you should know that your denials carry no weight. It started off with your denial of the funds in your bank account to confirming that it is a donation of unheard of magnitude.

If you tell the truth, then there no spin doctors are needed and you don't look like a fool along with the rest of your cabinet of fools.

Derock: Najib, please give one good reason, and just one good reason, why foreigners would want to topple you?

The motive for the murder has yet to be established and the person behind the scheme is not yet known. The man on the street wants the person responsible for this murder to be caught.

So, as prime minister, please instruct the police chief to re-open the investigation so that the person responsible for this murder is punished. Is that too much to ask of a PM?

Real Truth: It must be the Arabs, who first donated RM2.6 billion and specifically paid into your personal account and then now they internationally broadcast a report linking you to the murder of Altantuya, a Mongolian.

In both instances, your response is that you did not do it. The Arabs for some reason is trying to dethrone you.

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