PDRM must take lead, not follow DBKL on Sept 16 rally


Modified 15 Sep 2015, 2:48 am

YOURSAY ‘Remember, we the rakyat pay your salary, not Umno.’

IGP: Sept 16 red shirt rally legal after DBKL approval

Pemerhati Bebas: For the police, it is not a question of whether DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) has given permission or not. Their concern should and always be public security.

If there is an inkling of a threat to public security, police must step in and advice DBKL accordingly.

So, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar, do you think there will be a possibility of public disorder in the upcoming event?

It would have been nice if you had said the same thing before Bersih 4 (that the rally was legal). I'm sure there would have been an even bigger turnout.

Aries46: Well, Khalid has stayed true to expectations. Though Malaysians have vehemently denounced the revolting racist antics of the red shirts, Khalid would have surprised us had he declared the Sept 16 rally and the donning of red T-shirts as illegal, as what he hurriedly did for Bersih 4.

Anyway this is neither his call nor does he have the gumption to differ. His Umno masters are seen to be in tandem with the organisation that supposedly redeems Malay pride.

Nevertheless the rally has been roundly condemned by right-thinking Malaysians as it has the potential to cause racial tension and worsen the nation’s embattled economic position and the hardship of the people.

It is deemed to serve no purpose other than to divert the people’s attention from current imbroglios such as the 1MDB fiasco and the RM2.6 billion corruption scandals engulfing the premier.

No one is intimidated. They are merely watching the antics of the elite that are a law unto themselves.

KKKSSS: Thank you DBKL. The next Bersih rally, there will be no excuse for not approving it.

Oh, one more thing, don't forget the rubbish collection bills and also compensation for loss of business to those poor traders within the activities of the red shirts.

Tommy: I think there is something wrong here. The one who applied for the permit are the 'black' shirts, not the 'red' shirts.

The 'red' shirts are just riding on the 'black' shirts and as Persekutuan Silat Kebangsaan Malaysia (Pesaka) chief Ali Rustam has announced, they have nothing to do with the 'reds' so aren't the 'reds' deemed illegal?

Daniel: First, the home minister must issue the same ban on red T-shirts with the "membangkit" tagline under the same Printing Presses and Publications Act (that banned the wearing of yellow Bersih T-shirts) and arrest whoever wears such.

The police must put on standby their anti-riot personnel complete with their water cannons, batons, tazers, and act without hesitation when these marchers step out of line.

Also put out an arrest order for the goons who burnt effigies of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng for criminal intimidation and sedition. Otherwise, humbly admit to the world that we are a failed democracy.

Jesse: Why are people ignoring what the police say? Ask yourself. You are supposed to be independent and unbiased.

Now even the government ignores you? Where is your credibility, now that they don't take you seriously despite your obvious bias?

Ericlcc: If the approval is given by DBKL and the police can do nothing, then who is responsible in the event there’s an outbreak of violence and destruction of property?

Truth Really Hurts: What will Khalid do when the tens of thousands of "participants" brandish their keris and parang in public?

CQ Muar: In the past, Bersih's application for permit to legalise their rallies had never been approved by DBKL - the latest being the Bersih 4 held on Aug 29-30, which were peaceful and orderly despite the authorities accusations and concerns.

Their excuses were absurd and senseless, denying and defying the rights of citizens of a peaceful demonstration as stipulated in the federal constitution.

Indeed, news of the red shirt rally application being approved comes as no surprise. As a matter of fact, we had anticipated such response.

As a gentle reminder to DBKL, IGP and police and those responsible - should there be any outbreak of violence (pertaining to life and properties) on Sept 16, they must be held accountable and answerable.

No excuses should be forthcoming from these most undemocratic and unfair government administrators. Don't forget, the whole world is watching.

Anonymous_3f6d: This is indeed shameful gathering. One which is without organisers and without real cause.

RakyatBiasa: Whether you agree or don't agree, you, Khalid, are responsible for the safety of all Malaysians before, during and after the rally.

So make sure you do your duty without fear or favour. Remember, we the rakyat pay your salary, not Umno.

Anonymous_1377321471: A rally for racism and bloodshed is legal if a venue is approved by DBKL? Can we have a permit of assembly to preach terrorism, IS-style?

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