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Altantuya murder mystery not going away anytime soon

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YOURSAY ‘Why did the two accused take such horrible steps to dispose her?’

Razak Baginda's arrest - do your job, Najib told ex-IGP

Kim Quek: Musa Hassan, then DPM Najib Razak telling you “to do your job” is no proof that he is not criminally implicated.

In fact, you, as inspector-general of police (IGP) then, are responsible for deliberately omitting crucial evidence given by the late private eye P Balasubramaniam implicating Najib when Bala was under police custody.

Neither was Bala asked to give any of such crucial evidence when he was examined in court.

It was because of such injustice perpetrated by the police and the prosecutors that Bala gallantly decided to come out with the truth that he knew through his first affidavit presented to the press on July 3, 2007.

Bala’s shocking revelations of intimate details of the case, particularly those related to Najib and the victim Altantuya Shaariibuu, sent tremors across the nation and beyond.

If Najib was innocent, why was Bala and his family bundled off this country the very next day (July 4) through intimidation and a RM5 million inducement which involved Najib’s brother Nizam?

And Musa, why didn’t you investigate the fresh evidence brought up by Bala despite your promises to do so?

So you are not only least qualified to exonerate Najib, but you have yet to account to the nation the dishonourable role you have played in the grand cover-up of the real murderers.

Odin Tajué: Musa, contrary to your contention that Najib has nothing to do with the murder and the mightily explosive sending-off of Altantuya, he, in fact, has a lot to do with it.

Najib has allegedly instructed lawyer Cecil Abraham to prepare the infamous second statutory declaration (SD2) for Bala to sign. The SD2 was devoid of all those paragraphs contained in the first statutory declaration (SD1) made by Bala and which paragraphs implicated Najib.

Obviously, the purpose of the SD2 was to extricate Najib from the frightfully heinous crime.

If Najib had been falsely implicated by Bala in the latter's SD1, he should have instituted a legal action against him (Bala). After all, he is obviously not averse to instituting legal action against those whom he feels have got his goat, such as opposition politicians Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli.

Yes, and even Malaysiakini for nothing more grave than publishing the comments made by a few of its readers. He did not institute legal action against Bala for the simple reason that if he had, he would have been completely unable to prove that the latter had fabricated the information that inculpated him.

Bala’s widow’s lawyer Americk Sidhu has publicly stated that Cecil Abraham had confided in him the matter of Najib's particular instruction. If Americk had made up the story, Cecil ought to have taken him to court. But Cecil has not.

Further, if Cecil had cooked up the story, Najib should have taken him (Cecil) to court. But Najib has not. Conclusion: Najib did instruct Cecil to prepare SD2 with the sole intention of having himself removed from the picture.

May I digress a little? In January this year, news reports had it that Cecil would be called up by the Bar Council to explain his action.

In March this year, we learned that the proceedings would be initiated shortly. This is the middle of September, but we have heard nothing more. So, Bar president Steven Thiru, would it be too much to ask of you what the state of play is?

I do not wish to take up too much space by putting down here what you (Musa) ought to know. I mean, even we nobodies know about them.

And so I shall only state that businessman Deepak Jaikishan has also furnished the public with information so very explosive that had Malaysia been blessed with honest, principled persons in the appropriate places, this matter would have been brought to a proper close already.

If Deepak had only cooked up his explosive epics, why has no legal action been instituted against him?

Answer: Because what he has stated are factual. Conclusion: Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor and Najib's two brothers have been involved up to their necks in the matter.

Aries46: Musa's claim that Najib told him to 'do his job' is in conflict with Bala's SD1 that alleged that Najib was in SMS communication when Abdul Razak Baginda was taken in by the police.

It doesn't add up why after having told Musa to 'do his job', Najib would be in SMS contact with Razak Baginda.

And if Musa was the investigating authority and now says that Najib was cleared, pray tell us why was Altantuya murdered and blown up. What was Najib’s aide de camp Safri Musa's role? Who gave the order? What was the motive?

And were all these revealed at the trial in which Razak Baginda was discharged, Azilah Hadri and Sirul Umar Azhar were convicted? If as Musa claims Razak Baginda was implicated in the police probe, why was his acquittal not appealed?

If all these loopholes were not covered, what is the basis for the conviction of Azilah and Sirul and for Musa's claim that Najib was not linked to the murder?

Turvy: My apologies to you, former IGP, but your report about what had transpired at your meetings with the two politicians only raises more questions.

Why the insistence by then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to inform Najib - because they were friends or was there any other link between them?

Remember, many things had transpired concerning the murdered woman that were made public at that time. What was the extent of your conversation with Najib? Did you explain the evidence against him and he was satisfied with that? Did he contact you or you him after that?

Finally, if the woman was an irritant, why were these special police officers involved in picking her when she could have been arrested by a simple policewoman, charged with a minor offence and sent back home under immigration rules?

She was not a terrorist with a belt of explosives, so why did the two accused take such horrible steps to dispose her?

Wg321: The late Karpal Singh assisted Altantuya's father to lodge a police report that his late daughter's entry records at the Immigration Department were deleted.

This gave the impression that Altantuya was not in Malaysia at all. At that time Musa was the IGP. Why was there no investigation?

Vijay47: Like most Malaysians, I eagerly await charges being laid against Al Jazeera journalist Mary Ann Jolley and "Malaysians who fed her with wrong information concerning the case".

That should teach everyone a good lesson. With my limited understanding of the law, I think that to find the accused guilty, the IGP and friends should prove that the information was wrong, Jolley and the Malaysians need not prove that it is correct.

Khalid Abu Bakar challenges everyone to make police reports if they dare. In Malaysia?

Under the best of circumstances, nothing would emerge from the reports and if luck is truly bad for those lodging the reports, they can be assured of all manner of harassment and other unpleasant consequences.

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