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Look who’s talking - so red shirt rally not racial?

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YOURSAY ‘PM, what has race got to do with Bersih? Look at how your red shirt people behaved.’

Peace, security of nation my top priority, says Najib

Anonymous 1689721435778173: "It is not right to organise rallies dominated by one race...," said PM Najib Razak.

Take a good look at Wednesday’s red shirt rally which was organised by the higher-ups of Umno.

Malaysia and its leaders will not have any credibility for so long as you remain in power after having been proven to have RM2.6 billion credited to your personal bank accounts, among other things.

The more you try to cling on to power, the more skeletons will fall out of your cupboard.

Armchair Newspaper: PM, how can you speak of peace when your preachers riled racial vilifications against your own citizens? How can you talk of security when your paid thugs threaten to harm your citizens?

How can you expect prosperity for your country when you vilify so many hard working, tax paying and productive citizens of the country’s economy?

Tholu: Najib, it is shocking how you have manipulated, spun and lied on all the issues you raised in your speech (at the National Integration Seminar in Kota Kinabalu). You reek of hypocrisy, insincerity and malice.

When the whole world understood that Bersih's rally was a plea by Malaysians to the government for free and fair elections and good governance, you had to spin it and claim that it was a racial rally dominated by a single race. Are you for real?

Peace and security of the nation is your government's top priority? Maybe, but excluding you and Umno.

You and your deputy approved Umno members to attend the red shirt rally that clearly was organised to threaten and instill fear in the Chinese community and you have the audacity to say that peace and security is foremost in your mind.

Odin Tajué: Most, if not all, of us know that what Najib has been reported to have said is nothing more than fictional fluff fabricated to flatter himself and his corrupt, fascist regime and to debase, derogate and dismiss the opposition.

For example, surely we all know the bit about elections being vigorously contested being an illustration of strong adherence to democracy is pure poppycock when all the attendant gerrymandering and other byzantine tactics such as the using of the supposedly indelible ink are taken into consideration.

We also know the last Bersih rally is anything but what he has foisted on the Sabahans.

(According to the news report, Najib said Malaysia's continuous efforts to promote national unity had been recognised internationally, included by the Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz who once wrote that Malaysia "has much to teach the world, both about economics, and about how to construct a vibrant multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural society".)

What probably most, if not all, of us do not know is that Stiglitz's piece was published by The Guardian in September 2007. The information he based his article on must have been valid months earlier. How many months, it is hard to tell.

But any established international writers and reputable publishing houses will tell us that, on the average, it takes about one year to complete a book from the time you begin to write your first draft.

That draft would be written based on the findings of your research conducted months before the time you write it. So, your guess is as good as mine as to at which point in time his information was valid.

But whatever the point in time may be, we can tell that Najib was not then helming the government. Those of we who have followed at least most of the news pertaining to Malaysia's financial situation know that the government's debts have multiplied many fold since Najib became prime minister.

That doesn't sound like an economic miracle has been performed, does it?

Whatshappening: Bersih was a peaceful rally. Najib, your people just want to find fault with Bersih. What has race got to do with Bersih? Look at how your red shirt people behaved.

Jalmk: Najib said, "I will never allow that (blood on the streets incident) to happen in Malaysia."

He can consider himself lucky for the scuffle between the rally goers and FRU officers in the just concluded Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu rally didn’t turn into a ‘blood on the streets’ incident.

I hope he will realise that he was actually playing with fire for allowing hot-headed racist groups like the ones we have witnessed to freely roam the streets of Kuala Lumpur for a rally that was tinged with heavy racial undertone.

Grey Matter: The PM is willing to tear the fabric of this country by using racism to divide and rule and keep him in power.

Unfortunately, the rakyat are matured and don't react to such attempts except for the 40,000 Umno sympathisers who are desperate to try to ignite racial discord.

The Mask: Mr. PM, can you stand in front of a mirror and read your speech to yourself and see whether any goose pimples appear on your skin?

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