Red shirts’ objective is to spook the Chinese

YOURSAY ‘Mahathir knows well the real purpose - it is the same old game of racial politics.’

Dr M says he’s still clueless about red shirt rally’s aims

Vent: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, how can you claim to be clueless about the aim of the red shirt rally when you are the father of ‘ketuanan Melayu’? But just in case you are truly clueness, let me enlighten you.

This is a rally organised by a bunch of desperate losers aka Umnoputras ventilating their envy of a well-organised and disciplined citizen protest to bring down a corrupt and racist regime.

These financially and intellectually bankrupt parasites hope to gain brownie points with the regime - which has quite clearly orchestrated the show - and get a share of the 'brotherly' donation for their romp in Padang Merbok and for their sabre-rattling in Petaling Street.

Please talk with your daughter, Marina, if you’re still clueless after my explanation.

Ferdtan: For Mahathir and former DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, it is back to the drawing board.

Najib had scored the first goal to divert attention from his RM2.6 billion scandal by tacitly supporting the show of force organised by his supporters in Umno.

It was obviously to prod up his position by directing the anger against the usual bogeyman, the DAP (meaning the Chinese).

Mahathir knows well the real purpose - it is the same old game of racial politics, but he is not telling because he did not want to lose support in the party.

Nevertheless for Najib, the game is not over yet. Soon the anti-Bersih rally will be forgotten but the problems of 1MBD and his RM2.6 billion into his personal account will not go away so easily.

He only bought himself more time to consolidate his power in Umno.

That said, after this obviously Umno’s orchestrated protest which is harmful to country’s image and economy, we roughly know how far Najib is willing to go to protect his position. Actually it is frightening, to say the least.

Anonymous 23651434356067: Indeed, the red shirts’ objective is clear. They want to threaten others. They keep saying this is their land and the rest are ‘pendatangs’.

Well, fortunately, most Malays do not think the way those rally goers think and they will realise this in the next election.

MIC lawmaker red-faced over red T-shirt sponsorship

StraightTalk: It is not logical of MIC leader P Kamalanathan to say that his officers allocated resources for the T-shirts as well as his office space without knowing what the event was about.

As a lawmaker and holding the post of deputy education minister, Kamalanathan should know the kind of people appointed to serve as his officers.

Are they so ignorant of the absurdities surrounding the red shirt rally and that his own party does not support the rally?

MIC is already limping severely with unprecedented internal squabbles and Kamalanathan's sponsorship of the red T-shirts could no doubt help the party to reach its end very soon.

Pemerhati: Kamalanathan is Malaysia’s excellent example of the well-known black American, Uncle Tom, who is famous for ‘kowtowing’ to the whites in United States.

Previously we saw Kamalanathan displayed his ‘Uncle Tomness’ when he bowed down extremely low to kiss the hand of a member of the race, some of whose members like the whites of yesteryear in the US, believe that they are superior to people of other ethnicities in this country.

He again displayed his ‘Uncle Tomness’ when another member from the same race gave him a tight slap and he said that he forgave that person. Now if someone from a different race gives him a tight slap for sponsoring red shirts for the racists, will he also forgive him?

A more charitable way of looking at Kamalanathan’s action is that he knows that Najib, who is his boss, is behind the racist red shirts and so he like ministers Salleh Said Keruak, Abdul Rahman Dahlan and others has to please the boss by sponsoring the T-shirts and thus, enhance his future prospects.

Anonymous #44199885: Kamalanathan, you are in charge of your constituency and of the use of the allocated funds, and therefore it is your responsibility to know exactly what the funds are spent on.

Claiming that your officers gave it away to some NGO because they requested for it without making sure that their request merits assistance is a waste of public funds and you have failed in your stewardship.

You head the education portfolio, so be a proper example to kids on how they should manage funds and resources and not make excuses for your failings.

Sabm_391f: Lame excuse! A leader who does not know what his "macai" are doing is not fit to be a leader.

Blame the education system which has failed to teach these people proper civic mindedness. You reap what you sow.

The common mission of all Malaysian is to get rid of corruption and say no to all evil.

Eventually all of us will have to leave this world to meet our Creator. Be it kings or citizens, we will all decay, become ash/dirt and return to the earth like the way we came - with nothing.

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