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MCA Youth division cuts ties with PM over red shirt rally

Pasir Gudang MCA Youth is breaking ties with BN chairperson and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, following his support for Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu.

Its chief Cia Chow Hui said the red shirt rally on Sept 16 had destroyed racial harmony.

“We don’t agree with the Sept 16 rally which has spoilt race relations. But Najib praised the rally as peaceful. Therefore, we have decided (to break ties),” he told Malaysiakini when contacted.

In a MCA Pasir Gudang division’s Facebook post today, the youth announced that they were disappointed with Najib’s backing of the red shirt rally.

“In the Sept 16 rally, there were a banner titled ‘annihilate SJK (C)’. Some of them fought with the police while others tried to break into Petaling Street.

“This has destroyed interracial harmony and friendship that has existed since independence.

“We don’t understand why the prime minister had to praise an illegal rally. Najib should have handled the rally in a moderate spirit to ease the racial tension."

The youth viewed that Najib should focus on reviving the economy instead of backing an extremist rally.

Hence they urged Najib to punish those making extremist statements and actions.

They added the members of this youth division will not attend Najib’s functions or support him in any way.

The division is the first within BN to make such a stand.

When asked, Cia said he was not worried about disciplinary action from central leadership over this decision.

“No. Everyone enjoys freedom of speech,” he responded.

Asked if MCA chief Liow Tiong Lai should quit the cabinet and BN, he said this should be decided by party central.

However Cia said MCA Youth will continue to cooperate with Johor Umno as its Johor chapter chief Khaled Nordin ( photo ) is practicing moderation.

“Johor Umno is moderate, especially menteri besar Khaled. He takes care of three ethnic groups by helping them to unite and cooperate. We agree on this concept.”

Inclusiveness important

In a related matter, Pasir Gudang MCA chief Tan Cher Puk was confident that no action will be taken against the youth wing by the central leadership.

“In the past, many MCA members may, have uttered statements which might hurt the party. But the central leadership has not taken any strong action.

“In the interest of inclusiveness, it is important to listen to the grassroots,” added Tan, who is Johor Menteri Besar’s special assistant.

Asked on the division’s stance, Tan said this will be decided upon meeting with its youth wing at 2pm tomorrow.

Malaysiakini is contacting MCA youth chief Chong Sin Woon for his comments.

Najib on Friday thanked all who attended the ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’, saying the red shirts had done very well to gather peacefully and without any provocation.

The rally was called to “defend Malay dignity” but was marred with racial epithets hurled against the Chinese community.

It was in retaliation for the mostly-Chinese attended Bersih 4 rally, which called for Najib’s resignation.

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