If you can accept communism, why not Islam? Hadi asks non-Muslims

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PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang believes that after more than five decades of ruling the nation, Umno should be given a rest.

The veteran politician said PAS should be allowed to govern with a brand of Islam that would rescue Malaysia.

In pitching this proposal to non-Muslims, Abdul Hadi said they should not fear Islam and noted how communism was embraced by the Chinese and Indians.

"If non-Muslims can accept the communist ideology, from Karl Marx... Karl Marx is not a Chinese, not an Indian, he was a German Jew.

"(But) there were Chinese, Indians who fought for the communists, entered the jungle until they were thin, (and even) consumed grass...," he was quoted as saying by the PAS website.

Similarly, he said the people accepted BN, MCA and MIC which promotes capitalism, an ideology pioneered by the Englishman Adam Smith.

As for the Malays, Abdul Hadi said if they are not with PAS, they are with Umno and vice-versa.

"There are not many on the fence," he said.

Abdul Hadi said if PAS is allowed to establish an Islamic governance, there would be no such thing as the 1MDB imbroglio or other scandals.

"Why? Because we hold on to Islam which has sins and good deeds.

"This is not only concerning prayers, or puasa (fasting) but also economy and politics. These groups (Umno), their (concern with) sins and good deeds is (limited to) prayers and fasting alone.

"(For them) There is no sins or good deeds in economy and politics. Swallow a lot of money and then go for Umrah (to Mecca)... They think it is as easy as that," he added.

In his speech during an event in Dungun, Terengganu, Abdul Hadi also dismissed the notion that some quarters such as the professionals are no longer with PAS.

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