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It’s official, Malaysia is a kleptocracy

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YOURSAY ‘How dare these Yanks belittle our dear leader? Just who do they think they are?’

US federal grand jury probes Najib and family

Pemerhati: Najib could use some of the previous strategies used by Umno to retaliate against the foreign countries and individuals whom they do not like for speaking the truth and exposing their wrongdoings.

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad used the ‘buy British last’ policy when he was accused of corruption by the British press. Najib could now announce a ‘buy American last’ policy.

Simultaneously, he could organise regular butt dances (similar to the one in front of Ambiga Sreenevasan’s house) at the US embassy and/or the US ambassador’s residence.

He could also again generously pay his red shirts to come from all over Malaysia for regular holidays in Kuala Lumpur and demonstrate in front of the US embassy and shout racist slogans and display racist posters.

It was reported some time ago that Jho Low had left the US and moved to Taiwan which does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

Will Najib’s stepson and his other cronies involved in the 1MDB and other alleged scams also run away from the US? If they do, then it would be a strong clue that they are fleeing the US to escape justice.

Anonymous_1419570792: "The inquiry is being run by the Justice Department’s Kleptocracy Initiative, which has seized properties in the United States owned by relatives of politicians from Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, South Korea and Taiwan."

Malaysia a kleptocracy? This must be a conspiracy by the Jews, Christians, communists, liberals, LGBT (the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community), Dong Zong, Tamil Tigers, etc, to topple a Malay/Muslim leader.

This is an affront to Malay dignity. Let’s bus the kampung folks, the Felda settlers and the homeless to Washington DC and have a big rally to defend the dignity of the Malays.

Anonymous_1421806811: At least now we know the stories of luxury property purchases by Riza Aziz and Jho Low in the US are true. We also know why Sarawak Report was not sued and why Bank Negara was looking for 1MDB executive Loo Ai Swan.

The truth is coming to light. I wonder what excuses Najib’s supporters are going to give, especially strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan. He has been silent for a while.

Flamescanner: How dare these Yanks belittle our dear leader? Just who do they think they are?

We are a democracy and these people who imagine themselves to be the 'world police' think they can implicate our dear leader in a scandal.

Let me remind the New York Times (NYT) that our very own police conducted a thorough investigation into the alleged crimes and found no evidence, not one shred to suggest, even remotely, that our dear leader had committed any crime.

We remind, in fact demand, NYT to issue a front-page apology at the earliest lest we institute charges within our venerable court systems that NYT is guilty of activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

To former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott, it ain't proper toast till you have some bacon with it.

Anonymous_40f4: This is interference by the US in our internal affairs. Come Friday, we hope Umno Youth, their sidekick PAS/Abdul Hadi Awang and red shirts, and not to forget Perkasa, will demonstrate and burn an Obama effigy in front of the US embassy.

Justice Pao: Soon Ali Rustam and his Pesaka will need to fly in his silat warriors as well as red shirt spokeperson Jamal Md Yunos may have to get more money from Najib's RM2.6 billion to hire and bus in the American 'Mat Rempits', and their homeless people and drug addicts, to wear red and demonstrate in front of the White House to protest their affront to Malay dignity.

Cascara: Mara will not send any more students to the US, like the way they have stopped sending them to Taylor’s University for cancelling the contract of a company after it was found using a bus bearing the university logo to ferry red shirt protesters last week.

Firestone: Back in the 80s, when the Justice Department was investigating then President Manuel Antonio Noriega of Panama for drug trafficking and money laundering, it sent the US Marines Corp into Panama and extracted the president and brought him back to face trial in Miami, Florida. Hmm...

Anticommunalist: What’s there to worry? A few ‘golf' sessions with Obama and all will be covered up eventually.

Also Malaysia may now buy some military hardware from the US or that the TPPA will be signed to our disadvantage.

Quigonbond: Now I call that a game changer. Umno should get its act together. Or some in BN can gang up with the opposition and then it's game over not just for the PM but also Umno in government.

October is just on the horizon. Forget about your share of the RM2.6 billion that you think you can get from Najib.

A PM who has no credibility in the international forum is going to be disastrous to foreign direct investment into Malaysia.

Will red shirts now burn Obama effigy at US embassy?

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