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As predicted, Sosma used against political dissidents

YOURSAY ‘So it has come to pass - the abuse of the Sosma as feared by its critics.’

Khairuddin could face months in detention, says lawyer

Hibiscus: This is unbelievable. Khairuddin Abu Hassan was an Umno leader until sacked for seeking to make his party chief accountable. Isn't he trying to protect the integrity of the party?

Is his arrest and the misuse of powers to punish him a warning to all Umno members that if they don't remain subservient to their president, their freedom will be taken away using the laws at the powerful premier’s disposal?

With a premier who can act with impunity, who seems to disregard norms of a democratic country just to avoid being accountable, all Malaysians now cannot feel safe.

It is turning into a police state, like North Korea where the leader is to be esteemed and people live in fear.

Swipenter: How come Umno leader Jamal Md Yunos is not arrested under Sosma (Security Offences (Special Measures) Act) even when he openly - and with total impunity - threatened violence in Petaling Street this Saturday if his demands are not met?

He even has the audacity to say he is the middleman negotiating with the Umno ministers. Yet the home minister and police do nothing about his open threats of violence. Doesn't this looks something like state-sponsored bullying against the traders in Petaling Street.

And Khairuddin is arrested and detained for 28 days under Sosma for making reports on corruption and money laundering allegedly committed by Malaysians overseas.

Isn't this a clear-cut case of Sosma being abused by the authorities?

Anonymous_1389801797: Can we take action against the AG (attorney-general) who had abused Sosma to please his political master?

Anonymous #523894157: This is clearly a case of ‘I know you didn't break any law, but we will think of something to jail you’.

Senior: Indeed, since when is a report/complaint against 1MDB is considered against public order or security of the state? If so, then any misdeed by 1MDB would also be against public order and the state.

Nehru: It is dishonourable of government to break its promise to use a law meant to curb terrorism to protect its kleptocrats.

Tikusmati: Who are we protecting? An individual or the nation? There has never been a security threat with the reports made.

The security threat of one individual running wild in Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street and Sekinchan is more real.

Those responsible, I am sure, are not blind but merely accomplices to the protection of certain individuals.

Ash Burn: Jamal, National Silat Federation (Pesaka) chief Ali Rastam and Umno leader Annuar Musa are all walking free to spew more racial hatred. Well done to the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers. You must be so proud of your abuse of power.

Touche: Indeed, Jamal should be held under Sosma, not Khairuddin.

Justice Pao: Premier Najib Abdul Razak and Umno government lied again - before getting Sosma passed in Parliament, they said they will not abuse the Act - but now they are using the law even on people exposing the scandals of Najib and his gang.

What has 1MDB to do with national security?

Haveagreatday: So it has come to pass - the abuse of the Sosma as feared by its critics.

I can only hope and pray that Khairuddin will be able to walk out of this detention alive and not become another statistic in our notorious deaths in detention statistics.

Anonymous_1386743292: Khairuddin is not a national security threat but those involved in the 1MDB saga and those who received the RM2.6 billion ‘foreign donation’, are.

To understand how dangerous these people can be to our national well-being, take a look at our fast depreciating ringgit.

Those in charge should be rational in discharging their duties, otherwise this nation will become a failed state.

Anonymous_3f6d: Here is a law passed by Umno to be used against its own members to protect guilty leaders.

RCZ: Indeed, Umno does that to its own. It's not the non-Malays who have to say enough is enough. It is the persecuted and cheated Malays who must make a stand.

Kangkung: After confinement, sleep deprivation and their other 'enhanced interrogation techniques', we can only pray for Khairuddin, on this most auspicious day, that he will be fine.

We only hear of detention without trial in totalitarian countries, so Najib's Umno government is truly a brutal and repressive one.

Scandalcountry: A total abuse of power. Were we not warned before that Sosma will be abused? There you have it now.

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