Muslim DAP members blast Pahang Aidiladha sermon

Modified 25 Sep 2015, 8:50 am

A group of Muslim DAP members lambasted the Aidiladha sermon released in Pahang yesterday for saying political parties have separated the Muslims in the country and that DAP is against Islam.

The group, which includes Selangor DAP committee members Edry Faisal and Young Syefura Othman ( photo, below ), said on the contrary, Muslims joining several political parties showed how much mature and progressive they were in participating in a working democratic system.

"It is important that we differentiate the roles and functions of political parties in the country's system of democracy, not only through political views, but religiously and ideologically as well.

"Even the figh (deep understanding) and thinking method in Islam shows varieties that has led to multiple mazhab (schools of thought)," they said in a statement today.

In the script of the sermon issued by the Pahang Mufti Department, it is stated that at present, Muslims in the country, especially the Malays, are divided and separated.

"The separation is because they prioritise political parties, such as Umno, PAS, PKR and even the new Gerakan Harapan Baru more than Islam. Furthermore, there are Muslims who joined DAP, which is clearly against Islam," the script says.

'Warning just political rehtoric'

The sermon then called upon Muslims to be united, regardless of their political party, saying that Allah does not allow separation as it would bring down the Muslim rule of the country.

The DAP Muslim group said the "warning" that Malays and Muslims will lose power is just a political rhetoric played by a "weak" party that is struggling to hold on its power.

The group insisted that DAP had always adhered to the Federal Constitution, which safeguards Islam as the official religion and the claim that DAP is anti-Islam is nothing but political slander.

"If Muslims in this country are invited to unite, the focus should be on efforts to confront leaders who use the Islamic label but are oppressing the people, inciting hostility through religious and racial issues and practising corruption and abuse of power in governing the country," the DAP Muslim leaders said.