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Another slap in the face from a foreign country

YOURSAY ‘I hope the perpetrators and supporters of racism will get the message.’

Chinese ambassador visits Petaling Street on eve of rally

Ferdtan: Rationally, and along the lines of diplomatic protocol, I would like to question on the advisability of Chinese ambassador Huang Huikang’s visit to Petaling Street on the eve of an anti-Chinese rally by Malay rightwing groups; and issuing a stern statement.

Though it may seem harmless, it could backfire on them and the intending victims - the Chinese Malaysians.

Is this a big diplomatic faux pas by the Chinese ambassador? First, he is a foreigner who is an ethnic Chinese. If the diplomat were to be from another country with different ethnic background, then it is laudable.

Second, he is seen to be interfering in Malaysia’s domestic affairs. Be sure that the Malay rightwing groups will hit back.

Who has advised Huang to visit Petaling Street at this very sensitive moment? MCA? Good intentions may cause more harm than help Chinese Malaysians.

Southpaw: Yes, this is indeed a bad idea. The ambassador shouldn't have gotten involved at this stage. It will only give the wrong perception to Malay Malaysians.

Onyourtoes: No Chinese from Malaysia, including the president of MCA, could force the Chinese ambassador to visit Petaling Street. No one could force him to make the statement he chose to make. It is China’s decision.

Sometimes it is best for Malaysians to live peacefully and not to bully others excessively. This is the best assurance of non-interference.

Anonymous #20513663: Onyourtoes, yes, I would be willing to bet that no Malaysians have asked the Chinese ambassador to do this.

China is playing its own game, and as usual we are pawns. I only pray that Malaysians stay united in the face of external interference. Otherwise we'll become a second Ukraine. God help us all.

Anonymous #20513663: The Chinese ambassador’s Petaling Street statement is hypocritical given how his countrymen run his own country.

It’s a reminder that our country is a mere pawn in the eyes of the 'superpowers'. Will there ever be self-determination for the Malaysian people?

Inohu: Treat the Chinese as Malaysians, as truly and equal Malaysians, then we don't need to worry about China interfering.

Anonymous #97901717: I am Chinese Malaysian, and I don't like what is happening in Malaysia.

However, I don't need the Chinese ambassador to speak on my behalf. This is something for Malaysians to resolve, not the Chinese government.

Anonymous_1386743292: Indeed, ask the Chinese government about their treatment of the Tibetans and Uighurs in Xinjiang. If they can be just to these people, then they can talk about Petaling Street.

Anonymous #20513663: We cannot exclude the possibility that China is making use of the present unstable political situation and planning a move into Malaysia just like Russia into Ukraine, using the Ukrainians of Russian descent as an 'excuse'.

This is a very worrying move and Malaysians of Chinese descent especially must resist all attempts to be 'used' by China.

Do we want that in our country? No, we must oppose all efforts to divide us. Stay united as Malaysians. Only if we stick together will we survive this dark period of our history and overcome it.

Anonymous #20513663: My fellow Malaysians, I beg you to stay united. Please do not respond to any provocation intended to divide us, whether by the British (during the colonial era), Umno-BN (all the time since Merdeka) or now China (it looks like it).

Together we'll one day make Malaysia the great nation it was meant to be. God/Allah bless us all and protect us from the plans of evil men, whether within or without our beloved country.

CQ Muar: With the visit of the Chinese ambassador and his delegates to Petaling Street, I pray MCA will not attempt to boast that the credit goes to them.

For the shame you have wrought to the Chinese in Malaysia, we couldn’t thank you enough for being a lackey to Najib and his administration.

Therefore, please just shut up and remain silent just like the way you did to the many issues afflicting the Chinese in this country.

Tan Kim Keong: The message is loud and clear. Racism and supremacist ideology are not acceptable.

I hope the perpetrators and supporters of racism and supremacy will get the message. To be ticked off by a foreign country is another slap in our face.

Wg321: We are all Malaysians. The Chinese from Gen Y always considered themselves as Malaysians, and Malaysia is their home and not China.

When Chinese Malaysians go overseas, they always identify themselves as Malaysians. The Malaysian diaspora overseas can testify to that.

If Umno continue to play the race card and demonised Chinese Malaysians, a time will come they will feel that they are de-Malaysiansed.

There is no such thing as a master race. If you want somebody to respect you, you must work hard for it and not through rent-seeking, cronyism or through mega corruption.

Swipenter: China had suffered corruption, mismanagement, political turmoil, civil war and bullying by foreigners and was even dubbed as the sick man of Asia as recently as late 19 century to early 20 century.

The Chinese diaspora was a result of that shameful period in Chinese history. Napoleon was right to warn the world not to awaken the sleeping giant.

For the past four decades, it has grown from being a "sick man" to the second largest economy in the world and not far from being a superpower to challenge United States.

They have learned from history and had swallowed much bitterness and humiliation. Many say China is in trouble now but how many countries can still boast a growth rate of 7% per annum?

Go to China and see for yourself their vibrant domestic economy and the anti-corruption drive undertaken by President Xi Jinping.

China is sending a clear message to the world that no one is going to bully and humiliate it and the Chinese diaspora anymore.

Anonymous 2022161443165030: Quite honestly, if anyone here thinks that China will help Chinese Malaysians in times of need, think again.

Yes, they may (or may not) help their own citizens in Malaysia, but definitely not ethnic Chinese Malaysians.

They owe us nothing, and even if they do help us, it'll be with a motive, and no, it's not because we are of the same blood. Don't be naive in believing so, because you'll be sorely disappointed.

And now China, too, has insulted the Malays

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